EC Law


15 - 17 March 2007

The European Law Commission is delighted to invite you to Luxembourg for this seminar on European Community law and its judicial protection. Luxembourg is the home of the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance. These Courts ensure that EC law is applied and interpreted in a homogeneous and correct way throughout the 27 Member States of the European Union. Today there is hardly any area of law where EC law does not play a role, ranging from environmental law to competition law, from labour law to transport law and corporate law. Litigation at the European Courts follows its own rules and lawyers are well advised to familiarize with the system before relying on EC law or approaching the Courts. Some authorities and judges may not yet be entirely familiar with EC law, especially in the new member states. The enforcement of EC law by national judges shall be one of the particular focus points of the seminar. We have put together for you a programme with outstanding speakers active in this area both academically and in practice. The program includes a visit to the Courts and a unique opportunity to meet with Court members and personnel. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated at the very heart of Europe, sitting snugly between France, Belgium and Germany. Its capital, Luxembourg, is a cosmopolitan city, home to a number of institutions of the European Union and also to a dynamic financial and banking centre numbering some 154 financial institutions. Luxembourg is not only a proud holder of UNESCO ranking as a world class cultural heritage site, it is also the European Capital of Culture 2007. You will be able to witness some of the surprises and special events – it goes without saying- in the best AIJA Spirit. Luxembourg City Tourist Office :