May Conference 2007


09 - 12 May 2007

The Irish AIJA members are delighted to host the May 2007 half year conference and seminar in Dublin. The conference and seminar will take place from 9 to 12 May 2007. The seminar will examine the business and legal issues arising from North American investment in Europe. It is relevant to any North American lawyer whose practice involves legal issues in Europe and any European lawyer who has dealings with North American businesses or who aspires to build a practice working with North American businesses or law firms. The speakers will be senior businessmen, lawyers and academics who have direct experience of many issues arising in the context of North American investment in Europe.

By attending the seminar you can:

  • find out what European counsel for North American multi-nationals really think about doing business in the different European jurisdictions.
  • develop your knowledge of the relevant legal issues for North American companies faced with investment decisions in Europe and faced with ongoing management responsibilities in different European jurisdictions.
  • find out what the business leaders of North American corporates believe is necessary to influence them to decide to invest in projects in different jurisdictions throughout Europe.
  • learn how such companies address legal issues as diverse as corporate governance, data protection, taxation and repatriation of profits, human resources and competition law.
  • hear from leading American lawyers in private practice about handling multi-jurisdiction acquisitions on behalf of their clients.
Dublin is a particularly appropriate venue for this seminar given the success of the Irish economy and the major part which American investment has played in the economic growth of Ireland. Ireland’s inflows of U.S. foreign direct investment as a share of GDP exceed any other EU country by a factor of three. To put it another way, Ireland has only 1% of the population of the EU (based on the 15 member union) and yet since 1999 it had a volume of foreign direct investment from the U.S. comparable to the ten CEE accession countries with a population of circa 100m. These statistics manifest themselves in the fact that Ireland is the European headquarters for many North American multi-nationals and is truly a country that seeks to link Boston and Berlin. Ireland’s economic development has resulted in the massive development of Dublin city. The low rise skyline is dotted with tower cranes and the city offers a first class contemporary European experience alongside its traditional charm. We want to ensure that you experience both Ireland old and new and accordingly the social programme will include a traditional Irish night with Irish music, singing and dancing and a separate evening of home hospitality. In complete contrast, the gala ball will be held in very modern surroundings. The conference and seminar will be held at the Berkeley Court Hotel which is located about two kilometres from the city centre. The Berkeley Court has long been regarded as one of Dublin’s best hotels. The organising committee look forward to welcoming you to Dublin.

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