From Peanut to Powerplant


30 October 2008

With every apple we eat logistics are involved. Often without knowing, a chain of logistics is involved in providing people and companies with their needs. In order to get goods from one place to the other not only a carrier is involved. Freight forwarders, warehousing companies, stevedores, they all play their own crucial role in the logistic process. For carriers, most transport modalities are governed by mandatory international conventions, such as the CMR, the Hague Visby Rules or the Montreal Convention. This is not the case for the other logistic services. Their activities are mostly governed by national laws. Under these laws, usually a logistic services provider is not very well protected against, for example, liabilities. At the same time, the applicable rules are usually not of a mandatory character. For this reason the logistic sector has developed a wide range of general terms and conditions, in which liabilites are usually limited or excluded altogether. The seminar is going to focus on these terms and conditions.Questions such as: how is applicability provided for? can third parties rely on them? can they be used against third parties? is it possible to break through the limitations of liability? will be tackled. This will be done from the perspective of ten different jurisdictions and result in a practical and useful overview for all us practioners. The programme will be interlaced with speakers from well known logistic companies suchs as European Container Terminals (ECT), Spliethoff shipowners and Smit. They will give us an insiders view into the real world of logistics, in the city that breaths logistics: Rotterdam!

AIJA Commissions

  • Transport Law