Expanding Business Abroad – How to Help your Clients to Play Internationally


23 - 25 September 2010

Each year, many companies consider international expansion as a growth strategy. Typically, your clients will want to explore with you how better to achieve this: by way of a “commercial attack”, selling directly in the new country or appointing distributors or commercial agents, by a “direct approach” of setting up a subsidiary or contracting a joint venture, or by investing in the market directly, by acquiring a local target. When developing a strategic plan for expansion, companies’ decision-makers and their advisors are faced with a number of issues: not only business and marketing tactics, but also legal, employment and tax concerns. The Distribution Law, Tax Law Labour Law Commissions are delighted to invite you to attend and enjoy a first-class seminar with presentations from in-house counsels of worldwide acting companies, experienced lawyers and tax advisors, business developers and a representative of the Chamber of Commerce. The seminar format will guarantee a lively debate and interaction. We will analyse each stage in a typical international company storyline from a distribution, employment, tax and corporate viewpoint, giving the delegates the opportunity to ‘sit’ with us on the advisory board of our expanding company client, as well as hear the real stories of the companies who succeeded in their internationalization. It will be the perfect opportunity to learn from high-profiled practitioners and academics from all over the world, to discuss and exchange views and hands-on experience and to establish and develop relationships with colleagues from other firms and countries. Last but not least, after an exquisite scientific program, the best food and in good company, the social program will not disappoint you!! – come and get a taste of the famous Lisbon night life, the best way to end your day and a further reason to come to the seminar in Lisbon!

AIJA Commissions

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  • Labour Law
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