AIJA / IBA Double Seminar: Governance and Succession in the Family Business / Foundations and trusts in international estate planning


20 - 21 June 2014

Governance and Succession Planning For the Family Business

 The conference will focus on the particular challenges facing family businesses (in which members of the same family have a controlling interest) as their crucial role in building economic prosperity both in Europe and worldwide becomes increasingly recognized.  In particular it will take a look at the critical importance for these businesses of effective governance and succession planning.  What governance structures can be introduced to encourage appropriate levels of engagement by the family?  What succession planning needs to be implemented to ensure a smooth transition in the ownership and management of the business? This event will provide an in-depth understanding of the dynamics within the family business and the implications for legal advisers.  It will also offer practical suggestions and ready to use tools to enable legal practitioners and law firms to provide advice to these businesses.  Who should attend? Lawyers in private practice who seek to give effective advice to their family business clients, in-house counsel within family businesses and family offices and other professionals seeking to support these businesses.

 Foundations and Trusts in International Estate Planning

The seminar on Foundations and trusts in international Estate Planning will be dealing with foundations and trusts, which vehicles offer important advantages from a civil law perspective both in life and death as well as tax planning opportunities. Due to the financial crisis and the debt crisis, governments have been taking measures to tackle tax avoidance by foundations and trusts. Besides discussing these measures and the recognition of trusts in different jurisdictions, we will go into the advantages trusts and foundations offer related to inheritance and matrimonial regimes, immigration and income- and inheritance tax issues, and focus on reasons for opting for either of them in specific circumstances. The seminar will be a valuable event for lawyers that advise international private clients in cross border situations and will seek for answers to their questions regarding when to opt for either  a trust or a foundation (or perhaps some other vehicle) in international Estate Planning, and what are the legal and factual pitfalls to avoid when doing so.  Who should attend? Lawyers and tax advisers advising private clients in their national or cross border Estate Planning, legal counsel to family offices and advisers in the non-profit / charity business.

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