May Conference & Seminar on Due Diligence


18 - 21 May 2006

For a large part of AIJA’s life a number of European countries were concealed behind the “iron curtain” and deprived of the possibility to enjoy the benefits of an organisation such as ours. Therefore we are very proud that now, two years after the accession of the Central and Eastern European Countries to the European Union, for the first time AIJA's May Half Year Conference takes place in one of them – Slovakia. The Half Year Conference in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, will be started at 18/19 May 2006 with a seminar "Due Diligence procedure - a team play of specialists". Although not always in the focus during a Due Diligence procedure the findings by the teams dealing with the sometimes called "border areas" such as Labour, Environmental, Antitrust and IP Law sometimes turn out to be the deal breakers. For the greatest benefit for all (!) team members in a Due Diligence procedure and the client we want to improve the understanding of each other by giving an insight in specialties, needs and risks of these parts of a Due Diligence procedure. Specific view is taken to the aspects of Due Diligences in Central Europe by lawyers from this area sharing their experiences with the attendants of the seminar. The seminar and conference are held with kind support of the Slovak Bar Association.

AIJA Commissions

  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • Labour Law
  • Transport Law