Séminaire AIJA/IBA : Fusion-Acquisition


22 - 23 June 2007

One of the most neglected aspects of the lawyer’s skills is in providing effective legal advice to the client. In conjunction with representatives from in-house counsel, corporate finance and the venture capital industry as well as an owner manager, we will look at some of the key skills required from lawyers in providing effective advice. In particular the seminar will look at how to communicate effectively with the client and understand their commercial objectives, and how to build and organise the legal team, manage the client's expectations in relation to costs, project manage the transaction and develop effective negotiating tactics. We look forward to seeing you! AIJA: Philip Martinius, Ines Pöschel, Orsolya Görgenyi, Christian Paul, Mattia Dalla Costa IBA: Felix R. Ehrat, Chris Owen, Matthias Nordmann

AIJA Commissions

  • Corporate and M&A