Conférence bi-annuelle de mai 2020


27 - 30 May 2020

Academic programme overview

Seminar 1 - The FinTech Revolution

FinTech has revolutionized the financial services industry. Disruptors, innovators and pioneers are now established financial services companies deploying greater resources to nurture innovation and growth, form strategic partnerships, and make significant advances in technology. 
This new frontier of financial services requires a careful understanding of regulation and risk and a deep knowledge of the FinTech market. Join us for a two day conference in the beautiful city of Lyon, France’s capital of gastronomy, where you will have the opportunity to hear from and network with experienced legal and financial professionals. The seminar aims to cover a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, cryptocurrencies, ICO’s, blockchain technology based solutions, M&A in FinTech, payment systems, neobanking, machine learning and trading, and of course the regulatory umbrella under which the entire industry operates.

Seminar 2 - Dealing with a Sovereign State

Increasingly keen to attract foreign investors and capital, sovereign states actively take a large part in economic life worldwide. But dealing with and investing in a foreign state is becoming more and more complex. As investors, businesses and state officials alike face deeper scrutiny than ever before from other states, international institutions and NGOs, disputes arise frequently. 

We will gather for two days in Lyon – home of Interpol and Europol – to learn from, exchange and network with international recognized professionals on current issues which regularly make headlines in relation to investing in a sanctioned state, intra-EU bilateral investment treaties, state immunities, ill-gotten assets, international cooperation, human rights and environmental protection.

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