Challenges for the banking sector in the near future: real estate matters, NPLs, consumers’ litigation: a great quandary?

Parma, Italy

20 April 2017 - 22 April 2017

Thursday 20 April 2017

18:30 » 19:30 Registration at the Maria Luigia Palace 
19:30 » 21:30 Welcome Cocktail at Hotel  Maria Luigia Palace

Friday 21 April 2017

08:00 » 09:00 Registration at the Circolo di lettura
09:00 » 09:30

Welcome Adresses
David Frølich, President of AIJA
Michele Vaira, AIGA President

09:30 » 10:45 General introduction to NPLS the current scenario internationally 
Moderator: Giuseppe Cristiano, De Berti – Jacchia, Italy 
Enrico Poggi,  Credit Agricole (Cariparma), (Italy)
Richard Samuel, 3 Hare Court, UK
Jordi Bermúdez Gutiérrez, Roca Junyent, (Spain)
10:45 » 11:15 Coffee Break
10:45 » 12:45
NPLS operations from A to Z (Cross-border and multi-jurisdiction deals)
Moderator: Cecilia Peregrina, Altenburger, (Switzerland) 
Luca Olivieri, Deloitte, (UK)
Luca Vicarioli, VFGS, (Italy)
Pablo Vinageras, Garrigues, (Spain) 
Alexander Linnikov, Ph.D., Linnikov & Partners, Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, (Russia), Honorary Advocate of the Moscow Regional Chamber of Advocates
13:00 » 14:30 Lunch
14:30 » 15:30

The future challenges for the Swiss banking business in light both of the recent financial regulations and also Brexit, with England as the possible new main competitor
Moderator: Daniele Bracchi, Agnoli Giuggioli, (Italy)
Fausto Marcantoni, Banca Sempione, (Switzerland)
Prof. Dr. Martin Janssen, ECOFIN Group, (Switzerland)
Bethan Waters, Farrers, (UK)
Luca Re Cecconi, Rothschild Private Wealth, (Switzerland)

15:45 » 17:00
Transactions involving distressed properties 
Moderator: Martin Foerster, GRAF & PITKOWITZ, (Austria)
Dorothee Atwell, LL.M. (SMU), Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH, (Germany)
Tomasz Kalicki, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k., (Poland)
Steven Callens, Simont Braun, (Belgium)
Josef Caleff, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, (Switzerland)
17:00 » 18:00
Issues connected with realizing mortgages
Moderator: Serena Corongiu (Italy)
Lukas Bopp, Kellerhals Carrard, (Switzerland)
David Ormsby, Mason Hayes & Curran, (Ireland)
Egbert Walinga, Edens Walinga (The Netherlands)
20:00 Dinner at Gran Caffè del Teatro

Saturday 22 April 2017

07:00 » 08:00 Running for Human Rights
08:30 » 09:00 Registration at Circolo di Lettura
09:00 » 10:15
Seminar NPLS, mortgages and insolvency
Moderator: Slavomir Cauder, Giese, (Slovakia) 
 Christine Dempe, Brödermann Jahn, (Germany) 
Stephanie Reed Traband, LKLSG, (USA)
Louis Verstraeten, Atrea, (Belgium) 
10:15 » 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 » 11:30
Litigating NPLS and other hot problems 
Moderator: Ned Beale, Trowers (UK)
Maria Gritsenko, (UK) 
Damien Devot, Meyer Fabre, (France) 
Dr. Michael Walbert (Austria)
11:30 » 12:30
Other issues in banking litigations (round table)
Moderator: Federico Busatta, Gianni Origoni Grippo, (Italy) 
Aurélie Conrad Hari, Bar & Karr, (Switzerland) 
Marc Jones, Stewarts, (UK) 
Pierre-Yves Samson, Soffal, (France)
12:30 » 14:00 End of the seminar and lunch 
15:30 » 17:30 Optional afternoon social program
20:00 » 23:00 Home Hospitality