AIJA Americas meeting 2024

Santiago, Chile

07 March 2024 - 09 March 2024

Thursday 07 March 2024

20:30 Optional Welcome cocktail at Polo Club San Cristibal
  • Address: Av. San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5501, Vitacura

Friday 08 March 2024

09:30 » 10:30 Registrations at Hyatt Centric Las Condes

Address: Enrique Foster 30, 7550163 Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

10:30 » 10:45 Opening and welcome to participants by the OC and Eduardo de la Peña, AIJA President
10:45 » 11:15 Keynote speech
  • Keynote speaker: Claudio Seebach
    Dean of the School of Engineering and Science of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez; officer council of the World Energy Council in UK; profesor in Climate and Energy Policy at Stanford University; embassador of the ONG Hay Mujeres; former Executive President of the Association of Generators; and, former Director of the Delivery Unit of the Chilean Government.
11:15 » 11:45 Coffee Break
11:45 » 12:45 Development in environments of political unrest
Latin America, rich in natural resources, has historically attracted investment and development. Yet, the region has grappled with political instability, social unrest, and inequality. As legal professionals, it is imperative to anticipate complex scenarios and formulate strategies, providing legal protections for our clients in the face of uncertainty. Moreover, lawyers must be well-equipped to handle litigation scenarios. This panel will delve into these issues, exploring diverse situations and policies across countries in the region. Join us for a comprehensive discussion on navigating the legal landscape in Latin America

  • Gustavo Papeschi, Beccar Varela, Argentina
  • Gustavo Coelho, Bastilho Coelho Advogados, Brazil
  • Francisca Larraín, Liberty Seguros, Chile
  • Jorge Sahd, Centro de Estudios Internacionales Universidad Católica, Chile
12:45 » 14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 » 15:30 Green future in LATAM
Explore the legal aspects of clean energy and sustainable development with our expert panel, delving into crucial topics such as the Escazú Agreement and the 169 ILO Convention. Examine the complexities influencing the shift to sustainable practices, including regulatory frameworks, investment opportunities, and the changing role of legal professionals. Join discussions on navigating renewable energy projects, addressing environmental concerns, and fostering sustainable development through legal solutions. Connect with lawyers and industry experts to gain valuable insights into how the legal sector can contribute to a greener future.

  • Renzo Roberti, Bafur Abogados, Perú
  • Carlos del Razo, ECIJA, Mexico
  • Antonio Rubilar, AZ, Chile
  • María Francisca Bannura Valenzuela, Cuatrecasas, Chile
15:30 » 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 » 17:00 The new role of women in LATAM
Embark on the journey towards gender equality in Latin America's legal landscape with our esteemed panel of legal experts, coinciding with the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. Join a thoughtful discussion on promoting inclusivity, breaking barriers, and advancing women's roles in the legal profession. Gain valuable insights into challenges faced by legal practitioners and discover innovative solutions for a more equitable future. Engage with thought leaders, share experiences, and be part of the conversation shaping the future of gender equality in the legal profession. Together, let's commemorate International Women's Day by actively contributing to building a more inclusive and empowering legal community for all.

  • Roberto Olivos, Olivos Urrejola, Chile
  • Beatriz Cabal, Galindo, Arias & López, Panamá
  • Christine Brennan, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Foreign Litigation (OFL), USA
  • Camila Quiroz, Porzio Ríos García, Chile
  • Constanza Rodríguez, PPU, Chile
17:00 » 20:00 Farewell drink
Wine, cheese and charcuterie for networking at the end of the day
20:00 Home Hospitality Dinner
One of the most anticipated evenings with a personal-local touch is the ‘Home Hospitality Dinner’, where local lawyers open their homes to welcome AIJA delegates from around the world with local delectable food and drinks. Gain insights into the lifestyle and hospitality of the city hosting the conference in a friendly atmosphere experience.

Saturday 09 March 2024

11:00 » 17:00 Optional visit, wine tasting and lunch at Viña Cousiño Monsul
  • Address: Av. Quilín 7100, 7921077, Peñalolén, Región Metropolitana
Pick up with a private bus service from the hotel at 11 am. 
Visit to the vineyard, winetasting and lunch at Viña Cousiño Monsul.
Return to the hotel at 5 pm.

If any participant desires to return earlier, there is the possibility to book and UBER and come back to the hotel on his/her own.