S02E03: A new approach to legal tech

Anna Wyrzykowska, AIJA President and host of this episode introduces you to David Areias, Iga Kurowska and Thomas Seeber, Co-chairs of the AIJA Legal Tech Board speaking about a new approach to legal tech and how it can improve the work of law firms.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is the AIJA Legal Tech Board and its purpose?
  • How the knowledge of the tech companies’ business can be helpful for the legal profession and for lawyers to perform their legal services to clients?
  • Is the legal tech specialist a ‘must have’  for a law firm of the future and who can become this specialist?
  • What has been improved by technology in real estate and transactional services and how?

About the guests:

  • Iga Kurowska, Head of legal technology and innovation department at Aktion Legal, a former French lawyer with an extensive international background, a visiting lecturer at two French universities and a founder of Legaltech Academy
  • David Areias, Portugese tax and corporate lawyer and the managing partner at Areias Advogados responsible for leading the tech initiatives
  • Thomas Seeber, Austrian attorney specialising in the real estate law, banking & finance as well as corporate and New Technologies, the CEO and founder of the Legal Tech start-up Realest8, speaker for many Legal Tech events