Gender and inclusivity in international families


11 - 12 June 2020

Just an hour from London (and half an hour from London Gatwick airport), Brighton is a popular seaside resort.  It also has a long and proud tradition of inclusivity, artistry and culture.  The city is estimated to have the highest percentage of same-sex households in the United Kingdom.

Five years on from AIJA’s ground-breaking seminar ‘The same sex family “going global”’, same-sex and non-binary individuals and families are more visible than ever before.  More countries have legalised same-sex marriage.  Trans voices are being heard as part of national and international conversations in ways that few could have predicted.

For all the progress that has been made, huge challenges remain.  Some countries still refuse to recognise same-sex family relationships at all.  Others do so in part – including the United Kingdom, part of which (Northern Ireland) refuses to allow same-sex marriage.  In other areas such as trans rights there is a looming threat that previous reforms may be undermined  (for example the “conscience” rule introduced by the Trump administration to allow health care workers to “recuse” themselves from providing treatment to individuals on religious grounds).

This seminar will explore:

·         same-sex marriage and civil partnerships, including international developments in the last five years;

·         the developing law relating to financial claims upon separation, including an exploration of the role of gender in such claims;

·         trans issues;

·         LGBT issues in children cases;

·         surrogacy and immigration issues; and

·         wealth planning for LGBT+ families in an international context.

A full programme will be published shortly.

The conference sessions will take place in and around the Royal Pavilion, a fanciful Grade 1 listed former royal residence built for George IV.  The building is a rebellious feast of exoticism and royal grandeur, an iconic and fantastical setting for a group of lawyers from across the world.

AIJA welcome you to a stimulating three days of discussion at the cutting-edge of pr

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