AIJA Webinar: Digital, beyond the obvious


24 January 2017

...or how digital can contribute to your company’s strategy and growth!

During this webinar, presented by Prof Steve Muylle, you will discover how digital can contribute to the strategy and growth of your firm or practice. Digital goes beyond the obvious online actions. An optimised website, a successful conversation campaign on social media, or a popular app are good (or obvious must-have)– but they’re only the tip of the digital iceberg.

You make a real difference when a well-founded digital strategy connects seamlessly to, and interacts with, the company’s strategy and processes. In other words, when it forms part of the business model and contributes to the competitive advantage of your organisation. An advantage that ensures that the strategy is realised more quickly and objectives are exceeded. During this webinar with Prof Muylle, you will discover the digital opportunities in an interactive way by means of a number of propositions and practical examples. Numerous misunderstandings are cleared up, and some really impactful possibilities are uncovered.


AIJA Commissions

  • Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL)

Practical information

About Prof. Steve Muylle

Steve obtained his Master’s degree and PhD in Business Engineering at Solvay Management School and Visiting PhD Student at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. Steve’s research focuses on digital strategy and business marketing. He has worked with leading companies and his work has been published in leading scientific outlets such as the California Management Review, Decision Support Systems, and MIT Sloan Management Review.