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23 September 2022

2022 General Assembly: New appointments in AIJA

During its 60th Annual Congress taking place from 22 to 27 August 2022, AIJA, the International Association Young Lawyers gathered 400+ young legal professionals from around the world to discuss upon the future of the legal profession. 

It is with great pleasure that we officially communicate the results of the recent elections held online during the AIJA General Assembly on 26 August 2022, together with the new appointments in the different bodies of our Association approved by the Executive Committee during their meeting on the day before and appointments made by the Bureau.


Let’s welcome together the outstanding commitment and essential contribution of these newly elected and appointed Officers!



  • Moritz Maurer, President
  • Anna Wyrzykowska, Immediate Past President
  • Eduardo De la Peña Bernal, First Vice-President (elected by the General Assembly)
  • Tomáš Rybár, Secretary General (elected by the General Assembly)
  • Caroline Barbe, Deputy Treasurer (appointed by the Bureau)


Extended Bureau

Academic Programme Committee

  • Kato Aerts (newly appointed)
  • Christian Ritschka (newly appointed)
  • Jens Uwe Rügenhagen

Officers of the Commissions Committee

  • Nicky de Groot
  • Damien Devot
  • Michaela Pelinka (newly appointed)

National Representatives Committee

  • Clara Gordon
  • Arnoldo Lacayo
  • Fernanda Machado Moreira

Human Rights Committee

  • Stéphane de Navacelle
  • Clara Poglia
  • Silvia van Schaik (newly appointed)


Sustainability Board

  • Dino Serafini
  • Daria Capotorto (newly appointed)
  • Lisa Urbas (newly appointed)


Bar Relations Coordinator

  • Radina Tomanova (newly appointed)


AIJA Women Network

  • Fernanda Pacheco (newly appointed)
  • Joanna Chew (newly appointed)
  • Maria Jennerholm (newly appointed)


Newly elected Executive Committee members

(For a complete list of Executive Committee members, please click here)

  • Maria Jennerholm
  • Sophie Gilliam
  • Joanna Chew
  • Nadia Smahi
  • Marine Simmonot
  • Eliane Haas
  • Christine Conception
  • Lorna Cela
  • Nick Atkins
  • Gustavo Coelho
  • David Roche
  • Salome Wieser
  • Tomasz Baron
  • Christopher Wolters
  • Vikas Saraswat
  • Matthijs Roest Crollius
  • Azmul Haque (2-years mandate)
  • Pierpaolo Vinci (1-year mandate)
  • Michał Chodkowski (1-year mandate)


Newly appointed AIJA Representatives Worldwide

(For a complete list of National Representatives and local contacts, please click here)


National Representatives

Argentina: Gustavo Papeschi

Bulgaria: Ivan Alexander Manev

China: Cheng Chen

Germany: Jan Hermeling

Ireland: Daniel Lucey

Italy: Gianluca Albè

Panama: Carlos Molino (extended)

Poland: Krzysztof Pawlak

Russia: Anna Zabrotskaya

Spain: Eva Sagrista

Switzerland: Ruben Masar

Turkey: Ceren Hazal Baydar

Ukraine: Oleksii Prudkyi

USA: Katja Garvey


Regional Coordinator

LATAM: Beatriz Cabal


Local Representatives

Bahamas: Sophia Rolle (extended)

Curacao: Roderik van Hees (extended)

Cyprus: Eleni Neoptolemou

Kuwait (new): Almas Buqammaz

Lebanon: Karim Noueihed (extended)

Peru: Renzo Roberti

Serbia: Siniša Čolević


Regional Representatives

Germany – Munich: Maximilian Krämer

Germany – Berlin: Til Quadflieg

Spain – Madrid: Álvaro Fernández (extended)


Newly appointed Commission Officers

(For a complete list of Commission Officers, please click here)


Banking, Finance and Capital Market

President: Lars Raedschelders

Vice-President: Valerio Scollo


Commercial Fraud

President: Charlotte Tregunna

Vice-President: Judith De Boer


Environment and Energy Law

Co-Presidents: Carlos del Razo and Jeroen de Coninck

Vice-President: Eduardo Patricio Boris


Healthcare and Life Sciences

President: Janine Reudt-Demont

Vice-President: Tímea Halkó

Vice-President: Jan Henning Martens


In-house Counsel

President: Jérôme Debras



Co-Presidents: Paulo Nasser and Elaina Bailes

Vice-President: Armando Perna

Vice-President: Stephanie Oneyser


Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Co-Presidents: Cristina Hernández-Marti and Chloe Taylor

Vice-President: Sophie Lens


International Arbitration

Co-President: Lukas Rusch

Vice-President: Dirk Wiegandt


Labour Law

Vice-President: Therese Waidmann



President: Rosie Wild

Vice-President: Laura Manz

Vice-President: Guillermo Bayas Fernández


Real Estate

Co-Presidents: Johannes Meyer- Myklestad and Christoph Nöhles

Vice-President: Emma Niemisto

Vice-President: Alessia Giaccari


Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning

President: Max Maillet

Vice-President: Aline von Düring



President: Jelle Blom

Vice-President: Elena Kadelburger


Tax Law

President: Gertjan Verachtert

Vice-President: Alessandro Foti

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26 July 2022

AIJA supporting initiatives for Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, AIJA has acted to condemn the attack and support the Ukrainian population by creating a special TaskForce (Diana Tudor, Inka Knappertsbusch, Marek Laca, Oleksii Prudkyi, Tomasz Krzywański and Alisa Burkhard) collecting money and donations and including different forum conversations on our members' portal, MyAIJA, to offer job opportunities to Ukrainian lawyers and their families, support them and give information about English schools for Ukrainian children.
Today, together with the contribution of our special TaskForce, we are glad to introduce you to new initiatives and projects that AIJA supports, and we hope that you and your law firms will be able to help as well. We also strongly encourage to share this message with your clients and other potential donors.

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22 July 2022

In memory of Frans Duynstee, 1960 - 2022

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we received the message that Frans Duynstee, Honorary Past President of AIJA, died in Maastricht on 15 July 2022.

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