Doing Business in Asia

Seattle (USA)

29 - 30 September 2006

This seminar will focus on the practical aspects of bringing a product, technique or idea to Asia and marketing and protecting that asset in different Asian Markets.  The goal of this program is to provide hands-on, practical guidance on the laws affecting your client’s business with the various markets, options for product placement (such as joint ventures or licensing), customs issues, financing, intellectual property protection and dispute resolution. If your client has a product, technique or idea to introduce to an Asian economy, where do you even begin?  How does your client move product from America to Asia?  What barriers are there?  What must be done in Asia in order to set up a home for your client’s product?  What type of agreements may be used to manufacture or supply products in Asia?  What type of financing is available?  What global and country-specific laws apply? How can you protect your client’s product from piracy?  If a dispute arises, what should you do?

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