AIJA Seminar Weekend : Introduction to Arbitration


07 - 09 June 2007

AIJA is proud to invite you to Helsinki to take part in the first ever AIJA seminar weekend - two seminars at the same time. The seminar Introduction to Arbitrationhas with success previously been held in Stockholm in 2001 and Milan in 2003. The seminar aims at introducing young lawyers to arbitration and providing young arbitration practitioners an opportunity to establish and/or further develop relationships with colleagues from other fi rms and countries. The two seminars Introduction to Arbitration and Environmental Law and Real Estate Transactions - What’s New? are organised simultaneously at the same venue and enjoy shared lunches, coffee breaks and social programme, thus giving the participants the opportunity to meet and share thoughts with an even larger number of colleagues than during an ordinary seminar. You can also benefit from the double scientific programme by without extra cost dropping in and listening to the other seminar once you have registered with one. Join us in Helsinki to experience the first ever AIJA seminar weekend.

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