State Aid


02 - 04 March 2006

The European Law Commission is delighted to invite everyone to our seminar in Bilbao on State Aid.  Given the resources which should be freed up by the decentralisation of application of competition law, and in the hands of the new commissioner Neelie Kroes, State Aid promises to be a very important sector. The Commission has launched an Action Plan recently which aims to enhance efficiency of the state aid policy and improve its rules.It is an important time for all commercial lawyers based in Europe, or who have significant dealings with Europe, to understand this subject.  It is particularly relevant to you if you are advising inward investors who may be in receipt of grant funding, soft loans, gifts of land and so forth; if you are advising a public authority considering providing aid to a business: and if you are considering the position of a target company which has been the recipient of some grant or other form of aid in the recent past.We are delighted that our programme will include e.g. an address from Thibaut Kleiner of the European Commission, a member of the team dedicated to work on state aid issues, as well as other experienced and distinguished speakers. The remainder of the seminar, in addition to giving a complete introduction to the subject, will operate on a very practical basis.