Family Fortunes in Unfortunate Business Situations


30 March - 01 April 2006

Entrepreneurship is always a thrilling challenge. It goes with success and fortune, but always with risks and losses around the corner. In this venture, the Entrepreneur puts at stake personal hopes and material investments. Most of the time, even though he would not ask for partners to join in, he is not alone. He takes along with him a spouse What if the dream turns out to nightmare when the enterprise fails? What if it goes bankrupt? Are there ways to protect the family fortune in this unfortunate business situation and to prevent private assets to be swamped in professional debts? Of course, there is planning to be done, cautions to be given, and precautions to be taken. But then, should the Enterprise's legitimate creditors be sacrificed to familial interests in their rightful will and need to recover?

We joined efforts to come up with answers and to discuss those practical issues. Panelists' debates and prominent speakers' contributions will help us to draw a line between those obvious conflicting interests. The balance is still somewhere to be found.

A truly great social programme has been prepared to comfort us between deep brain storming sessions including opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and enjoying Rotterdam and its world's most famous Harbor.

Whatever your interests are, whatever you want to do, Rotterdam is sure to pleasantly surprise you!

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