Antitrust 2.0 - Competition Law and Technology


06 - 08 February 2014

The application of antitrust law in technology industries has been a focus of competition regulators in recent years, despite all the resulting controversies. Few disagree that technology has become too important for our day-to-day lives (and indeed consumers' purses) to go unnoticed.

But many also consider that high-tech industries evolve so fast that traditional concepts such as "market", "dominance" or "competitor" are difficult to apply to them, let alone in the context of lengthy competition investigations. Technology requires competition enforcement to reinvent itself.

This conference covers the current state of affairs of antitrust enforcement in technology markets and also aims, as befits this subject, to point to what can be expected in the near future. Part of the conference will obviously focus on the interplay between competition law and intellectual property rights but various forms of cooperation (and noncooperation) along the high-tech supply chain will also be covered. Speakers at the conference include officials from enforcement agencies, academics, legal practitioners and industry representatives.

As a backdrop to this state-of-the-art discussion, we provide you with historic Bruges where, in the 14th century, the world’s first commodity exchange was set up and the Van Eyck brothers allegedly

developed the technique of oil painting.

Other "inventions" of Bruges, such as waffles and beer will complete the social programme.

Seminar accredited by the OBFG (12 points)