LinkedIn for International Lawyers: Stand Out from the Crowd!


10 March 2015

AIJA has the great pleasure to invite you to its very first Webinar called: "LinkedIn for International Lawyers: Stand Out from the Crowd!"

During this Webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn from a speaker of quality, the President of Legal Ease Consulting, Inc. and co-author of "LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers": Allison C. Shields.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for attracting business clients and referrals and advancing business relationships. Even with a robust website, often search engines return the LinkedIn Profile as the first result when an attorney’s name is searched. With over 270 million worldwide users, LinkedIn is not only an important corollary to real-world networking, but it is also a valuable research channel. Not only are many lawyers not using LinkedIn effectively, but the constant changes make it difficult to keep up. It is important that lawyers ensure that they receive the most up to date information possible, while getting practical tips that they can implement right away.

This program is directed to individuals who already use LinkedIn, but who would like to take their participation to the next level and learn how to make their LinkedIn Profile shine. The Webinar will be approximately 45-60 minutes long, including a 10 minutes set aside at the end of the presentation for questions.

Participation to this Webinar is free of charge.


Date: 10th March 2015 at 4pm (CET time)