Healthcare and Life Sciences Commission Day


20 November 2020  /  13:00 - 20:30

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Following AIJA’s first Virtual Congress, Healthcare and Life Sciences Commission is very pleased to host a virtual gathering for all of you interested and involved in healthcare and life sciences matters and also for those who are willing to get involved.

The common thread of our academic programme will be:

Healthcare: future trends, possibilities, and legal challenges. From smart gadgets, 3D printing to cannabinoids.

 The main sessions of the day will be:

  • Run for the vaccine: has the pandemic changed the rules of the game? This panel will be held jointly with IP/TMT Commission
  • Future medicine: from possibilities to legal challenges

 We will also arrange virtual meetings and coffee breaks in between sessions for the participant to exchange their views, experiences and opinion on the matters discussed during the main panels.

Ours will be the last day of this amazing month of meetings and gatherings, thus we will also have the pleasure to hold the Closing Ceremony during our day, which will be hosted by our President, François Barré, and will include a Keynote Speaker.

We will then close this Commissions Month Event with a virtual drink for all the participants to join!

Looking forward to seeing you all connect during our Healthcare Commission Day!

More information about the schedule and the speakers can be found under the programme section of this page.


Organising Committee

  • Edvinas Meskys, Lietuvos jaunuju advokatu asociacija
  • Martin Abraham, Abraham & Partneri, advokatni kancelar s.r.o.
  • Giorgia Massaro, Studio LegLegal
  • Krzysztof Pawlak, Schoenherr Stangl sp.k.

All academic sessions are recorded and shared in the Resource Centre the week after the events.

This event takes place during:

AIJA Commissions Month

20 October - 20 November 2020

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AIJA Commissions

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

Event fees

+ VAT if applicable

AIJA Member < 35150,00  €
AIJA Member >= 35200,00  €
Non AIJA Member < 35225,00  €
Non AIJA Member >= 35250,00  €
Speaker100,00  €
In-House Counsel125,00  €


Programme - Healthcare and Life Sciences Commission Day

Friday 20 November 2020

12:50 » 13:00
13:00 » 14:00
Run for the vaccine: has the pandemic changed the rules of the game?
This join session, hosted by the Healthcare and Life Sciences and the IP/TMT commissions, will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic and the urgent need for a cure may or may not have altered some of the legal processes linked to the introduction and the protection of new pharmaceuticals. 

In particular, we will look at the relevant regulatory requirements, as well as the protection of respective IP rights, discussing questions such as: 
  • Does the current regulatory framework provide for a sufficient balance between the inventor’s right to cover its expenses and public safety/human rights for a quick treatment?
  • If a vaccine is found – does the winner take it all, or can the public (incl. his competitors) benefit from / participate in his research results, e.g. under the trade secrets directive or by way of compulsory licenses
  • How to properly define the conditions, which would allow deviation from standard protection of IP rights holder - pandemic, extreme situation, situation of emergency, local / regional / EU / international situation, etc.?

Claudia Zeri, the Netherlands

  • Axel Munier, France
  • Alessandro Romaioli, Italy
  • Craig Tucker, United States of America
  • Iliyana Sirakova, Austria
14:15 » 14:45
Discussion and comments relating to the Webinar “Run for the vaccine: has the pandemic changed the rules of the game?” 
15:00 » 16:30
Future medicine: from possibilities to legal challenges
The session will focus on innovation in medicine.

We will deal with 3D printing, hemp-derived products, at-home healthcare diagnostic devices and innovative personalize treatment and we will discuss matters such as

  • Current regulations, gaps and difficulties: what could happen?
  • Possible outcome relating to the use of such innovations in medicine: misuse and patients’ safety;
  • Possible issues when defining the liability:
  • Should we raise the liability question for the inventors of the equipment, which was used for producing the medicine or diagnosing the disease;
  • Should there be any liability of the patent, who decided to 3D print the medicine instead of buying from the pharmacy;
  • Who would be responsible, if the patent would use 3rd party software or device for producing the licensed drug. 
Moderator: dr. Edvinas Meškys, expert attorney at „Ellex Valiunas“, AIJA’s National Representative for Lithuania and President of Lithuanian Young Bar Association.

  • Jacqueline Mulryne, United Kindom
  • Rūta Pumputiene, the Head of Local American Working Group, a world-known name of an informal pharma industry platform representing the voice and opinion on various issues, attorney-at-law and founding Partner at Ruta Pumputiene Law Firm, Lithuania
16:45 » 17:45
18:00 » 19:00
19:30 » 20:30