Working Parents Making It Work: Overcoming Maternal and Paternal Bias


05 April 2022 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

Join us for the webinar on 'Working Parents Making It Work: Overcoming Maternal and Paternal Bias' on Tuesday, 5 April 2022 at 14:00 CEST.

Parenthood often triggers the false assumption that young parents are less committed to their careers – or even less competent. As a result, young parents or those who will (or might aspire to) become parents are often considered less for job opportunities, promotions, interesting projects etc. Bias can be overcome if people call out false assumptions, decide to no longer tolerate them and act on that decision. It helps if others follow this example and encourage more to do so.

During this session of the AIJA Women’s Network, which has been organised jointly with the SCILL Commission, we will explore the many angles to maternal and paternal bias and how both affect professionals around the world. Join us for a scientific webinar with expert Laura Langner who will provide insight on the topic from an academic perspective. As a follow-up to this webinar, the AIJA Women’s Network, together with the SCILL Commission, will organise a practical workshop during the Gothenburg Half-Year Conference, where we will focus on ways to overcome bias by offering tools law firms and lawyers can work with to empower young parents.

How to join?

This event is for free and open to everyone.

To join the event, please register here.  If you registered for the event, you will receive the Zoom link to connect on the day of the event. 

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Dr. Laura Langner is a University of Oxford-trained Economic Sociologist (PhD). She has over a decade worth of experience in researching how working mothers and fathers can best thrive in their careers and private life – identifying solutions on the personal, couple, employer, and national policy level. Dr. Langner has been awarded the Future Research Leaders Grant from the UK Economic and Social Research Council to study these topics as a Principal Investigator at the University of Oxford. Dr. Langner's findings have provided the evidence for recommendations made in gender equality (e.g. UK Government Equalities Office Women’s Progression in the Workplace) and fatherhood reports. Her research findings have been covered by news outlets around the globe, e.g. The Guardian opinion piece by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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