Auditing IP rights : from due diligence to technology outsourcing


03 - 05 November 2005

In the 16th and 17th century Amsterdam was one of the world’s major printing and publishing cities and therefore one of the first places in history to accommodate large-scale reproduction of works. In those days, intellectual property rights would probably have been considered a business threat rather than a business opportunity.  In later years however, Amsterdam played an important role in the lobby for more effective protection of inventions.  One of the first IPR laws in the Dutch territory was enacted on 26 March 1809 in Amsterdam (the then capital of the Monarchy of Holland).  Ever since the awareness that intellectual property rights are important assets in a modern business has been growing.  Underpinning the Amsterdam seminar shall be the study of the treatment of intellectual property rights in a variety of business transactions.  With the growing reliance and increasing values being attributed by organisations to intellectual property rights, the role of lawyers in protecting such rights is becoming increasingly important.   From due diligence exercises to technology outsourcing transactions, lawyers need to be constantly aware of the intellectual property rights which are being held, transferred or licensed.  The Amsterdam seminar aims to equip lawyers with additional knowledge and skills which they may bring to transactions involving intellectual property rights.   With a selection of speakers from private law practice allied with speakers from government institutions and leading corporations, the Amsterdam seminar aims to give delegates a variety of interesting perspectives and useful insights concerning the treatment of intellectual property rights.   We also promise an exciting social programme true to the AIJA spirit and the reputation of the city of Amsterdam.

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