Enhance your professional development during AIJA’s Half-Year May Conference in The Hague

Are you interested in expanding your skills? We offer you the possibility to join a series of coaching sessions at the AIJA Half-Year May Conference in The Hague. You may choose 1:1 or group sessions to be held between Wednesday 24 May and Friday 26 May 2023. The spots will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.


1) Baiba Strupisa, TROUBLESHOOTER

About Baiba

Baiba From an inhouse lawyer to a supervisory board member of a bank, from partnership in a law office to solo practice of business settlements negotiation, executive coaching and mentoring. Success in changing Latvian laws in Constitutional Court. None of Baiba’s negotiations have ended in a court. The most sophisticated and meanwhile successful mediation involved 11 parties from 5 countries. Read more about Baiba here: https://www.strupisa.lv/

Coaching session with Baiba


What to expect when booking a Challenge issue session with Baiba?

Challenge has come to your life? Interesting. You want to achieve something as soon as possible and as effective as possible? Maybe this is a turning point in your life, and you wonder – which way to proceed? Willing to create a balance between all your activities? Maybe your challenge is a new quality benchmark or a new service line? Is something bothering you or frustrates you?

In 1 hour, you will find your own, authentic way to overcome your challenge and reach your goal, and all that discovered in a secure, comforting and meanwhile goal-oriented atmosphere of a coaching conversation.

Duration: 1 hour



2) Ondřej Dvořák, AgiLawyer & COPS Financial Systems

About Ondřej

As a transformation coach, Ondřej assists law firms in establishing the optimal balance of personnel, technology, and vision. He serves as the CEO of AgiLawyer and COPS Financial Systems, promoting agility and artificial intelligence within the legal and financial industries. Ondřej obtained a degree in software engineering and a Ph.D. in enterprise sustainability. Furthermore, he co-founded Linking Help, an NGO dedicated to facilitating legal aid for individuals who require legal assistance.

Coaching session with Ondřej

During this group sessions, you will focus on enhancing lawyers' ability to achieve their objectives through the utilisation of agility, technology, and artificial intelligence. The discussions and practical exercises will revolve around establishing a work environment that emphasizes teamwork and provides increased visibility into the firm's collective workload and ongoing legal cases, while also automating certain legal tasks. Finally, you will explore how these practices can facilitate pro bono work, highlighting the significance of cross-border cooperation among lawyers worldwide.

Duration: 1hour 15 min



3) Pascal Jossi, Soul.com

About Pascal

Pascal Jossi is a corporate culture consultant with expertise in education and labour sciences. He has made significant strides in the field of corporate consulting, utilizing his extensive experience in project management and long-term capacity development for community building projects. As a member of the Soul.com team, Pascal conducts trainings and workshops, guiding professionals on transforming their organizations into thriving communities. Driven by the conviction that the 21st century calls for a new way of working and collaborating, he believes that purposeful work is the key to success in this rapidly changing landscape.


In addition to his work as a corporate consultant, Pascal serves as the Head of Global Publishing at BossBooks, where he combines his deep understanding of corporate culture with the publishing world. He leads the expansion of the Bossbooks services to English, German, and French-speaking markets, with a focus on supporting professionals and business owners in sharing their insights and expertise. Tasked with growing the business and establishing strategic partnerships, Pascal manages a senior publishing team committed to helping clients create and publish their books seamlessly.

Together, Pascal's dual roles as a corporate consultant and head of global publishing allow him to leverage his insights into corporate culture to better understand and support the needs of professionals and business owners

Coaching session with Pascal

Pascal Jossi invites you to participate in interactive coaching sessions focusing on trust dynamics and launching a non-fiction professional book. Participants can choose from three engaging options: a one-on-one coaching session, a group workshop, or a special session on writing a non-academic, non-fiction book to showcase expertise and attract new clients. Join these sessions to unlock the hidden potential of trust and elevate your professional standing.