Droit des Affaires Internationales
(+ Droit des Sports)

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Our Commission addresses a wide range of topics related to international business law, ranging from general drafting and negotiating skills to specialised areas such as corporate law, private equity investments, international sale of goods, foreign investments, joint ventures or franchising. There is no doubt that business is becoming increasingly global in nature. As a result, international business law is constantly evolving making it a challenging area of law, with great rewards for those able to master it.

Indeed, the wide variety of subjects available to its members makes the Commission ideally suited for those who practice law in an international business and corporate environment. This is also probably the reason why the International Business Law Commission is one of the largest and most active AIJA Commissions. The Commission also includes a Sub Commission dealing with Sports Law.

The Sports Law Sub Commission is a result of the development and changes in the world of sports in recent years. Sports are no longer for entertainment only but have become a significant area of business and heavy investments. A large array of legal issues arises from sports relationships, as athletes’ rights, sponsorship, anti-doping, contracts, regulation, liability, etc. are constantly being challenged both off and on the field. The Sub Commission deals with such matters in the events it organises, many of them jointly with other Commissions.

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