Evènements passés


IBA-YLC & AIJA | Learn & Network13 July 2021Online
AIJA M&A star session- Private equity, M&A and the media: A conversation with Financial Times journalist Kaye Wiggins01 July 2021Online
International Arbitration Summer Commission meeting30 June 2021Online
ABA-LEL & AIJA Labour Law Commission I Learn & Network29 June 2021Online
Slovak summer in-person gathering29 June 2021Bratislava
Tax Law Commission pre-summer online gathering23 June 2021Online
T.R.A.D.E. Commission virtual gathering17 June 2021Online
Belgian Alumni gathering - Mandatory disclosure for lawyers: the new normal? 10 June 2021Online
Grit and Growth Mindset: Tools to Advance your Career09 June 2021Online
Danish summer drinks in-person gathering 03 June 2021Copenhagen, Denmark
AIJA - UK Lunch27 May 2021London, United Kingdom
IBA Criminal Law & AIJA Commercial Fraud | Learn & Network26 May 2021Online
IP/TMT Commission meeting and networking20 May 2021Online
Webinar: Writing and study strategies for successful online learning19 May 2021Online
IPBA & AIJA | Learn & Network10 May 2021Online
Rule of Law Webathon04 May 2021Online
AIJA M&A star session - Post-Merger Integration: how to create value… or at least not destroy it!29 April 2021Online
AIJA Real Estate Commission meeting29 April 2021Online
IPCFL online Commission meeting 26 April 2021Online
ABA-SIL | ABA-YLD | AIJA Learn & Network21 April 2021Online
AIJA Academy13 April 2021Online
Labour and Immigration Commission virtual meeting 13 April 2021Online
Progressing towards partnership31 March 2021Online
UIA & AIJA | Learn & Network 25 March 2021Online
Litigation and Commercial Fraud Commissions Quiz & Networking11 March 2021Online
Antitrust Commission | Online meeting09 March 2021Online
NRC and Friends – Speed Networking04 March 2021Online
IP/TMT Commission | Fashion talks & networking25 February 2021Online
AIJA German speaking virtual gathering24 February 2021Online
M&A virtual seminar | Green, diverse, transparent: The impact of ESG on the Corporate and M&A practice18 February 2021Online
Corporate and M&A Commission meeting18 February 2021Online
Virtual Tax Law Commission meeting17 February 2021Online
Online Labour Law and Immigration Law Commission meeting & social event11 February 2021Online
BLACK LIVES MATTER: The role of lawyers in tackling racism 10 February 2021Online
AIJA M&A star session: A corporate acquisition from the perspective of a commercial head of M&A02 February 2021Online
T.R.A.D.E. Next Thing | New Year’s drinks 14 January 2021Online


Polish gathering | AIJA Christmas drinks21 December 2020Online
Transport Law Commission Christmas party17 December 2020Online
Labour Law and Immigration Law Commissions | Pre-Christmas gathering16 December 2020Online
IPCFL Commission | Christmas party15 December 2020Online
IP/TMT Commission | Christmas gathering10 December 2020Online
AIJA M&A Star Session: After COVID, what’s next?10 December 2020Online
U.S. and Canada AIJA Member Holiday Happy Hour 04 December 2020Online
How to engage men in the diversity debate25 November 2020Online
Healthcare and Life Sciences Commission Day20 November 2020Online
Tax Law Commission Day20 November 2020Online
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Commission Day18 November 2020Online
Environmental and Energy Law Commission Day18 November 2020Online
Commercial Fraud Commission Day16 November 2020Online
International Private Clients and Family Law Commission Day16 November 2020Online
Real Estate Commission Day12 November 2020Online
In-house Counsel Commission Day12 November 2020Online
Public Procurement Law Day10 November 2020Online
Insolvency Commission Day10 November 2020Online
Corporate and M&A Commission Day05 November 2020Online
Immigration Law Commission Day05 November 2020Online
IP/TMT Commission Day03 November 2020Online
Arbitration Commission Day03 November 2020Online
Transport Law Commission Day30 October 2020Online
Antitrust Commission Day28 October 2020Online
Labour Law Commission Day26 October 2020Online
International Business Law Commission Day26 October 2020Online
T.R.A.D.E Commission Day22 October 2020Online
Litigation Commission Day22 October 2020Online
AIJA Commissions Month20 October 2020Online
SCILL Commission Day20 October 2020Online
IP/TMT Commission Gathering09 October 2020Online
Webinar | Principles of good drafting07 October 2020Online
The power of diversity and inclusion10 September 2020Online
58ème Congrès International des Jeunes Avocats24 August 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #2118 August 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #2017 August 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1907 August 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1830 July 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1723 July 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1617 July 2020Online
AIJA French speaking virtual gathering15 July 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1509 July 2020Online
OPEN MIC AIJA with Debra Forman08 July 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1403 July 2020Online
AIJA afterwork drinks in Vienna02 July 2020Vienna
AIJA’s 58th birthday world tour challenge01 July 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1326 June 2020Online
AIJA virtual home hospitality25 June 2020Online
Webinar | LinkedIn for lawyers: 3 problems solved22 June 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1219 June 2020Online
M&A virtual summer seminar | What’s the price? And how would you like to pay: In cash, in kind, in crypto?18 June 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1112 June 2020Online
Antitrust and healthcare virtual seminar | Pharma regulations and state support in times of COVID-1911 June 2020Online
AIJA international arbitration speed networking session10 June 2020Online
AIJA en Español virtual gathering09 June 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #1005 June 2020Online
Webinar | Remote for real: Now and beyond COVID-1903 June 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #929 May 2020Online
AIJA virtual home hospitality28 May 2020Online
Virtual coffee with Two Presidents22 May 2020Online
AIJA Poland virtual gathering21 May 2020Online
Improving your English legal writing19 May 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #715 May 2020Online
GeBeNeLux Virtual Gathering15 May 2020Online
M&A in time of COVID-19: The impact on current and future deals11 May 2020Online
Virtual coffee with Two Presidents08 May 2020Online
COVID-19 and beyond: Challenges and new strategies for in-house counsel and external lawyers07 May 2020Online
AIJA Italy virtual gathering28 April 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #424 April 2020Online
AIJA #HomeTalks by lawyers #323 April 2020Online
COVID-19: The economic impact on business22 April 2020Online
AIJA Belgium virtual gathering: Tech solutions for our profession17 April 2020Online
Virtual coffee with the AIJA President #317 April 2020Online
Plank the curve: Working smart and effectively in your new normal15 April 2020Online
AIJA #HomeTalks by lawyers #214 April 2020Online
AIJA #HomeTalks by lawyers #108 April 2020Online
Your legal first aid kit: COVID-19 07 April 2020Online
Annual tax conference: Keeping up with the tech - Is technology a friend or a foe for tax payers and tax practitioners?05 March 2020Malta
Legal Project Management with Marion Ehmann (DE) | AIJA dinner28 February 2020Frankfurt
Lawyers' Ball at the Hofburg Palace22 February 2020Vienna
Düsseldorf/Rhein-Ruhr New Year Reception23 January 2020Düsseldorf
AIJA New Year Drinks23 January 2020Vienna
M&A Winter Seminar15 January 2020Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino)
AIJA Lunch Zurich15 January 2020Zurich
AIJA New Year Dinner Berne10 January 2020Berne
AIJA Latvia Christmas & New Year event 10 January 2020Riga
AIJA Lunch Geneva08 January 2020Geneva


Warsaw Christmas dinner & drinks16 December 2019Warsaw
Dîner de Noël AIJA13 December 2019Brussels
AIJA Seoul Christmas Lunch13 December 2019Seoul
AIJA Barcelona Christmas Dinner 201911 December 2019Barcelona
AIJA Hamburg Christmas Dinner 11 December 2019Hamburg
Christmas UK event10 December 2019London
AIJA Slovak Christmas dinner & drinks10 December 2019Bratislava
Milan Christmas dinner & drinks09 December 2019Milan
AIJA Budapest Christmas Dinner06 December 2019Budapest
Rome Christmas dinner & drinks03 December 2019Rome
Nordic Christmas Dinner29 November 2019Copenhagen
AIJA Lunch Zurich20 November 2019Zurich
AIJA/ Exponent webinar: Current trends in the global LNG industry20 November 2019Online
Trusts and Continental law: is this marriage possible?14 November 2019Geneva
AIJA Lunch Basel14 November 2019Basel
Autumn UK event08 November 2019London
Conférence bi-annuelle d'octobre 201930 October 2019Miami
ITechLaw and AIJA Young Lawyers Reception 30 October 2019Dublin
Annual Labour Law Conference // M&A seminar24 October 2019Lisbon
AIJA at Legal Innovators11 October 2019London
C and TRADE O.2, Shipping is turning green10 October 2019Istanbul
AIJA at Expo Real07 October 2019Munich
Antitrust litigation in a modern world: Competition law as a shield or a sword?03 October 2019Lyon
IPBA, LAWASIA, IBA Young Lawyers Committee and AIJA gathering at the IBA Annual Conference22 September 2019Seoul
57e Congrès International des Jeunes Avocats - Durabilité et Droit: Notre planète. Ses citoyens, Leur futur03 September 2019Rome
AIJA Riga "warm-up" lunch for Rome23 August 2019Riga
AIJA Hamburg "warm-up" lunch for Rome22 August 2019Hamburg
Southwest Germany summer drinks21 August 2019Stuttgart
AIJA Düsseldorf/Rhein-Ruhr - Summer Reception / Sommer-Stammtisch18 July 2019Düsseldorf
AIJA UK Summer Day Out29 June 2019Hamstead Marshall, Newbury
11th Annual Arbitration Conference27 June 2019Zurich
Medicines and medical devices in the EU Single Market: Dreams and reality27 June 2019Zurich
Summer get-together26 June 2019Bratislava
AIJA Lunch Geneva21 June 2019Geneva
AIJA Lunch Zurich19 June 2019Zurich
AIJA/INSOL Europe Mallorca Joint Insolvency Seminar13 June 2019Mallorca
AIJA Lunch Berne12 June 2019Berne
Local Meeting29 May 2019Riga
Conférence bi-annuelle de Mai 201922 May 2019Hong Kong
AIJA Breakfast at the Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association20 May 2019Boston
AIJA Lunch Zurich15 May 2019Zurich
Dîner Allemagne-Benelux10 May 2019Amsterdam
Annual T.R.A.D.E. Conference11 April 2019Athens
The Real Deal in M&A: All about transactions involving real estate property04 April 2019Utrecht
AIJA Austria Afterwork Drinks28 March 2019AIJA Austria Afterwork Drinks
AIJA dinner28 March 2019Barcelona
Smart Up Berlin14 March 2019Berlin
Lawyers' Ball at the Hofburg Palace02 March 2019Vienna
German Speaking Regional Meeting28 February 2019Vienna
Double Winter Seminar - The future of M&A: Challenges for M&A professionals resulting from AI and Legal Tech // Competition (law) in Sports10 February 2019St Anton
AIJA New Year’s Dinner Stuttgart24 January 2019Stuttgart
AIJA New Year’s Drinks & Dinner 201917 January 2019Amsterdam
AIJA & Warsaw Bar Association of Advocates (ORA) Ceremony14 January 2019Warsaw


Dîner de Noël AIJA14 December 2018Brussels
AIJA Christmas dinner & drinks in Bratislava13 December 2018Bratislava
AIJA Barcelona Christmas Dinner12 December 2018Barcelona
AIJA Christmas drinks in London12 December 2018London
AIJA Hamburg Christmas Dinner06 December 2018Hamburg
Italian Christmas Drinks by AIJA04 December 2018Milan
Le juge ou l’arbitre ? Is the Arbitrator a Good Referee?30 November 2018Paris
Polish AIJA get-together29 November 2018Warsaw
Conférence bi-annuelle de Novembre: Renforcez vos compétences de leader et optimisez votre réussite22 November 2018Dubrovnik
Entrepreneurship and innovation: from early stages to the evolution08 November 2018San Diego
AIJA und DSJV Regionalveranstaltung08 November 2018Zurich
AIJA webinar: Trends in performance management07 November 2018Online
10th Annual Arbitration Conference25 October 2018Singapore
Property developers, architects, civil engineers – contractual questions, environmental challenges and current trends18 October 2018Limassol
AIJA After-work Apéro18 October 2018Geneva
Double Seminar – Art Law Today and Bank Recovery and Resolution 11 October 2018London
AIJA Gathering & Cocktail Reception09 October 2018Rome
Labour and Immigration Law Annual Conference - M&A seminar 04 October 2018Turin
Shipping 4.0: Sailing the Digital Wave27 September 2018Marseille
56th International Young Lawyers Congress28 August 2018Brussels
Family Office Seminar12 July 2018Jersey
How to effectively manage a legal business (of tomorrow)? 28 June 2018Sofia
Double seminar: 7th AIJA Annual Competition Conference: R&D and Innovation - Protection through or despite Antitrust Law? // IP/TMT seminar: Internet of Things21 June 2018Frankfurt am Main
AIJA webinar: Cybersecurity21 June 2018Online
Deal or no Deal? The ABC and XYZ of Negotiating an M&A Transaction 14 June 2018Mallorca
AIJA Drinks: AIJA meets Brussels Young Lawyers Associations30 May 2018Brussels
AIJA Real Estate & Construction Mini-Seminar & Robotics Lab Visit // BIM and Law: Finland’s Experience28 May 2018Zürich
AIJA Human Rights Session: 'The Independence of the Judiciary'24 May 2018Sofitel Warsaw Victoria, Warsaw
Half Year May Conference 201823 May 2018Warsaw
AIJA Breakfast at the Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association21 May 2018Seattle
Pot AIJA Printemps 201817 May 2018Paris
AIJA Spring Gathering16 May 2018Liechtenstein
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seminar19 April 2018New York
Shipping, trade & cybersecurity: New opportunities and new dangers19 April 2018Hong Kong
Annual T.R.A.D.E. Conference12 April 2018Amsterdam
The Challenges Of Compliance And Anti-Corruption22 March 2018Recife
GeBeNeLux Dinner08 March 2018Brussels
AIJA webinar: Nail your elevator pitch! Improve your buy-in!06 March 2018Online
11th Annual Tax Seminar: The concept of fairness in national and international taxation01 March 2018Florence
Double Winter Seminar: Sector specific M&A on the rise // Surviving after death – how to avoid nightmare estate21 January 2018Valbella


Half-Year November Conference15 November 2017Girona
AIJA/ABA- Young Lawyers Brunch28 October 2017Miami
M&A Seminar: Cross-border reorganizations - Babel Towers?19 October 2017Bucharest
Double seminar: T.R.A.D.E. & Labour and Immigration Law Annual Conference12 October 2017Bratislava
Navigating Through Troubled Waters; Current Trends in International Maritime and Energy Insolvencies28 September 2017Bilbao
55th International Young Lawyers' Congress28 August 2017Tokyo, Japan
Open your own law firm and let it grow29 June 2017Ljubljana
55th AIJA Birthday Celebration - Digital transformation and Law Firms Management: strategical key issues23 June 2017Amsterdam
After the Final Award – A new Battle on the Horizon?15 June 2017Stockholm
6th AIJA Annual Antitrust Conference: Competition Law Procedures - The Ultimate Guidance Through Stormy Waters01 June 2017Amsterdam
2017 Half-Year Conference17 May 2017Riga
Young Lawyer's Brunch29 April 2017Washington
Legal Practice Offshore: Opportunity and Controversy28 April 2017Bahamas
Webinar "The Lawyer as a problem solver"27 April 2017Online
Challenges for the banking sector in the near future: real estate matters, NPLs, consumers’ litigation: a great quandary?20 April 2017Parma
AIJA Double Seminar: Olympic Games, Corruption and Sport Arbitration & Government contracts - Public Procurement Law and Contract Law06 April 2017Lausanne
The European Digital Single Market – Breaking Down Digital Barriers, Click by Click30 March 2017Dublin
Improve your presentation skills23 March 2017Prague
10th Annual Tax Seminar: Tax Consequences of Cross Border Transfers of Value23 February 2017Vienna
Negotiating and Drafting International Contracts09 February 2017Tehran
Lost in Privacy? How to tackle transatlantic data protection challenges02 February 2017New York
Unravelling the Ins and Outs of Restructurings25 January 2017La Clusaz
AIJA Webinar: Digital, beyond the obvious24 January 2017Online


Half Year November Conference23 November 2016Verona
AIJA/ABA- Young Lawyers Brunch18 October 2016Tokyo
Triple seminar: Flex Work, International Litigation and Assets Transactions13 October 2016Lille
AIJA Autumn Afterwork Drinks in Liechtenstein13 October 2016Liechtenstein
8th Annual Arbitration Conference - Strategic choices in International Arbitration06 October 2016New York
Into the Bright Blue Yonder - Current Challenges in Ship and Aviation Financing29 September 2016Oslo
Webinar on Negotiation - Bargaining with the Devil27 September 2016Online
54th International Young Lawyers' Congress23 August 2016Munich
Pre-Congress Seminar - International Young Lawyers' Congress23 August 2016Munich
Litigating your distribution and commercial agency agreements on an international scale22 June 2016Tel Aviv
International Arbitration Advocacy Training16 June 2016London
Shower of regulation on the Financial and Insurance sectors: where does the journey end?09 June 2016Zurich
AIJA Webinar "Strategy in turbulent times"26 May 2016Online
Half Year May Conference18 May 2016Chicago
It’s all about money – making and securing payments in M&A transactions21 April 2016Budapest
AIJA Liechtenstein Spring Get-Together18 April 2016Schaan
Young Lawyers’ Brunch16 April 2016New York City
Sustainable development of environmental infrastructures17 March 2016Lima
Ninth Annual Tax Conference10 March 2016Reykjavik
5th AIJA Annual Competition Conference 2016 - Competition Law Developments in Technology, Media and Telecommunications03 March 2016Valencia
AIJA Joint Seminar with UIA - Under African Skies – Investment, Financing and Natural Resources in Africa and beyond11 February 2016Cape Town
M&A Winter Seminar – Private Equity Masterclass13 January 2016Dolomites/Corvara


French speaking Conference04 December 2015Paris
Half Year November Conference18 November 2015Istanbul
AIJA Webinar on Intercultural Communication for Young Lawyers10 November 2015Online
IPBA Regional Conference in Dubai 25 October 2015Dubai
Young Lawyers’ Brunch24 October 2015Montréal
From getting the client to a successful second deal- AIJA M&A Academy15 October 2015Madrid
Double Seminar: “The Art of Franchising” and “Insolvency Labour Law”01 October 2015Frankfurt
53rd Annual Congress01 September 2015London
Hot topics in international construction contracts25 June 2015Stuttgart
AIJA Summer drinks24 June 2015Bruxelles
Enforcement of EU Competition Law at National Level19 June 2015Paris
Annual Arbitration Conference12 June 2015Paris
Half Year May Conference - Seminars : Recent developments in data security / Then stevedores - now modern service providers27 May 2015Antwerp
INSOL Europe Eastern European Countries' Committee Conference - Banks' Insolvencies, Investors and Harmonisation: A new insolvency era?15 May 2015Vilnius
AIJA @ EXPO - What's in my bowl? From producer to consumer, quality food for all14 May 2015Milan
AIJA/ABA- Young Lawyers Brunch02 May 2015Washington
Annual Corporate Acquisition & Joint Ventures Seminar23 April 2015Rotterdam
AIJA/ABA Joint seminar. The HNM same sex family: going global09 April 2015Brighton
AIJA / JFBA Joint Seminar02 April 2015Tokyo
Doing Business with the West26 March 2015Shanghai
Life Sciences 2.0 - Risks and side-effects of new trends12 March 2015Basel
LinkedIn for International Lawyers: Stand Out from the Crowd!10 March 2015Online
8th Annual Tax Law Conference05 March 2015Venice
Doing Business in Latin America. From A(cquisitions) to Z(oning)27 February 2015Panama
Global Law Summit23 February 2015London
Ski Seminar : M&A Reloaded: A Comprehensive View of the M&A Process28 January 2015Kitzbühel
AIJA Swiss New Year's Gathering22 January 2015Bern


Half Year November Conference. Seminars: Commercial aspects of EU and NAFTA / Dispute resolution19 November 2014Santiago de Chile
ABA North America Regional Forum17 November 2014Vancouver
Kiev Arbitration Days 2014: Think Big!06 November 2014Kiev, Ukraine
Sports Law Commission - There's no business like sports business! Legal Challenges in Modern Sports Business: Sporting Sanctions and Commercial Consequences23 October 2014Dublin
Double Seminar: M&A and Transport Law: Value for Money – How to retain and enhance value in the transaction & Offshore - New buzz or old news?02 October 2014Copenhagen
Where is the money? Chasing and protecting the assets before and after insolvency in the international arena25 September 2014Santa Margherita Ligure/Portofino
52nd Annual Congress26 August 2014Prague
The future of arbitration and ADR practice in Central and Eastern European countries26 August 2014Prague
Wind Energy Projects – Stormy weather or plain sailing?26 June 2014Hamburg
AIJA / IBA Double Seminar: Governance and Succession in the Family Business / Foundations and trusts in international estate planning20 June 2014Berlin
Double Seminar: 6th Annual Arbitration Conference - Dawn Raids & Internal Investigations12 June 2014Vienna
AIJA/ABA SIL DOUBLE Seminar: Successful Transactions - What In-House Counsel Should Expect from their M&A & Antitrust Attorneys05 June 2014Chicago
Half Year May Conference07 May 2014Zurich
UK Spring Drinks28 April 2014London
AIJA/UIA Joint Seminar: Business Travel and Short Term Mobility: International Legal Trends25 April 2014Toronto
INSOL Europe - Eastern European Countries' Committee Conference11 April 2014Prague
AIJA / ABA SIL Young Lawyers Brunch05 April 2014New York
Double Seminar: Social Media and Acquisition Finance04 April 2014London
Double seminar: Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Law and International Arbitration27 March 2014Hong Kong
Annual Tax Law Conference06 March 2014Lausanne
Banking, Finance and Capital Markets Half Day Forum28 February 2014London
Antitrust 2.0 - Competition Law and Technology06 February 2014Bruges
German Speaking Regional Meeting - Where the money is (and the risk)23 January 2014Vienna


X-MAS Drink - Hamburg09 December 2013Hamburg
Pre-Christmas Drinks27 November 2013London
Half Year 2013 November Conference Luxembourg20 November 2013Luxembourg
Piercing the Corporate Veil: A practical approach25 October 2013Rome
AIJA/ABA SIL Young Lawyers Brunch19 October 2013London
Annual Transport Law Conference : Limitation of Liability17 October 2013Lisbon
International Advocacy Training03 October 2013London
51st Annual Congress17 September 2013Buenos Aires
Dos and Don‘ts of Doing Business in Latin America17 September 2013Buenos Aires, Argentina
Double seminar : “Competition Law Issues in Regulated Industries” (with IBA) and “Professionals’ civil and criminal liability"20 June 2013Marseille (France)
Half Year May Conference 2013 - Seminars: Powers of Arbitrators / How to play and Win in Employment and Labour Law Disputes22 May 2013Helsinki
Nordic Meeting22 May 2013Helsinki
Buying the brains: M&A in IP/ IT Intensive Sector19 April 2013Tallinn
AIJA/JFBA Joint Event15 April 2013Tokyo
The 5th Asian Maritime Law Conference12 April 2013Singapore
UK Sping drinks11 April 2013London
Milan City Marathon - AIJA runs for Human Rights07 April 2013Milan
INSOL EUROPE - EEEC - Autopilot or change of course? How will restructuring and insolvency evolve over the next 12 months?05 April 2013Bratislava
Key Players in Cross-Border Real Estate Investments15 March 2013Cannes
5th AIJA Annual Arbitration Conference07 March 2013Basel
6th Annual Tax Law Conference28 February 2013Dublin
AIJA/UIA Seminar on Trends and Issues in the Fashion World14 February 2013New York
The End of the Deal02 February 2013Chamonix (France)


Benelux Evening30 November 2011Brussels
L’accesso alla professione forense in Italia confronto con esperienze straniere26 November 2011Roma
UK Pre-Chrismas Drinks24 November 2011London
November Conference 201116 November 2011Sao Paulo
Distributing in Europe : Is the EU an Even Ground27 October 2011Turin
Seminar Weekend : Behind the scenes of a M&A deal/Employment and Labour Complications in Due Diligence Investigation and Acquisition21 October 2011Paris
International Trade and Transport Symposium13 October 2011Los Angeles
Seminar Weekend : Dawn Raids / Recent developments in IP and Data Protection Law07 October 2011London
3rd Annual Arbitration Conference23 September 2011Warsaw
49th Annual Congress23 August 2011Amsterdam
Seminar on Waste Law - Pandora's Box or a Treasure Island?01 July 2011Valencia
Being a Banker in a Post-Crisis World: Risks and Liabilities16 June 2011Luxembourg
AIJA/UIA Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights in a Digital World03 June 2011Munich
May Conference 201118 May 2011Stockholm
AIJA/ABA Seminar: Shopping in the rain:Trends, challenges and keys to success for the commercial real estate sector during and after distressed times05 May 2011Milan
International Family Wealth: Preventing Erosion and Attack14 April 2011Oxford
AIJA/IBA Seminar : Closely Held & Growing Business Enterprises10 April 2011Chicago (USA)
AIJA/ABA SIL Antitrust Commission’s Spring Meeting 201105 April 2011Washington DC
Sports Arbitration Seminar25 March 2011Lausanne
Business Opportunity in Latin America17 March 2011Lima
Regional German Speaking Meeting : Soft Skills17 February 2011Zurich
Seminar Weekend: Public Procurement/Tax Law04 February 2011Barcelona


November Conference in New York City11 November 2009New York City
I Regolamenti (CE) ROMA I e ROMA II30 October 2009Vicenza
Private Equity: Trends, Challenges and Keys to Success in Distressed Times15 October 2009Rome
Drafting and Negotiating - Legal Opinions01 October 2009Frankfurt
Marin Insurance and Transport: Ever Green and Current Hot Issues24 September 2009Genoa
ABA SIL: Resolution of Russia-Related Business Disputes: The Next Waves21 September 2009Moscow
47th Annual Congress25 August 2009Budapest
Joint ABA/AIJA Seminar: The Global Employer: how to handle expatriation challenges to, from and within Europe19 June 2009Hamburg
Energy Law Seminar : Recent developments in Energy Law14 June 2009Copenhagen
Arbitration Annual Conference11 June 2009Zürich
Recent developments in M&A29 May 2009Stockholm
May Conference in London06 May 2009London
AIJA/UIA Seminar: Antitrust and Unfair Competition Developments Forum24 April 2009Brussels
AIJA/IBA Joint Seminar - Advising Private Enterprises in A Globalising World23 April 2009Berlin
Franchising: the right choice for your clients? A practical guide to brand owners and their advisers16 April 2009Verona
Séminaire joint AIJA/FNUJA de formation à la procédure devant la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme19 March 2009Strasbourg
Pharmaceuticals Law: An essential guide to all lawyers that have come in contact with drugs12 March 2009Prague
Introduction to Civil Law M&A Practice for Common Law Practitioners06 March 2009Atlanta
Second Tax Law Annual Conference27 February 2009Brussels
The liability of the banker05 February 2009Milan
From the valuation of the company to the drafting of the price clause16 January 2009Paris


Electronic Commerce27 October 2000Rotterdam
Impact of Merger Control on M&A deals27 August 2000Helsinki
Continuation of Contracts in Bankruptcy27 August 2000Helsinki
Derivatives27 August 2000Helsinki
Holding Companies27 August 2000Helsinki
Cross-border M&A transactions04 May 2000New York
Cross-Border Sub-Contracting11 February 2000Florence



Sponsorship and Sport26 August 1996Montreux
Electronic Banking26 August 1996Montreux


Introduction to French Business Law25 October 1995Lille
Protection of Minority Shareholders01 January 1995Madrid
Public Procurement01 January 1995Washington