Rule of Law Webathon


10 May 15:00 CEST - 11 May 2022 15:00 CEST

The universal commitment of the world’s lawyers to the Rule of Law inspired five major associations of international lawyers – AIJA Human Rights Committee, UIA, ABA International Law Section, Law Society of England & Wales and Inter-American Bar Association – to organise the second annual Rule of Law Webathon.

This year’s 24-hour Rule of Law Webathon will focus on how economic and social development interrelates with the Rule of Law. Through this lens, the programmes will address issues such as the current and longstanding effects of COVID; access to justice; rise of authoritarianism; climate change; women’s rights; the plight of refugees; civil liberties and fundamental freedoms; human trafficking; independence of the judiciary and the legal profession; and freedom of the press. The twelve panels will span continents and time zones, with each panel addressing different aspects of the challenges related to the Rule of Law as a key factor of economic and social development. Each panel will be hosted and led by a legal society or bar association.

Our pledge to the Rule of Law inspires us to celebrate and defend it in every corner of the world.

Find your topics, find your time zones, but most importantly, find your passion and join your fellow lawyers across the globe in learning about, promoting and defending the Rule of Law.

How to join

The Webathon is open and free to everyone.

To join, subscribe to the YouTube channel and click here.

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