Best International Future Lawyer Award 2023 is open for submissions

MARCH 02, 2023

It’s BIFLA time! AIJA is currently running the next edition of the Best International Future Lawyer Award (BIFLA2023) competition. This year, we are inviting law students and graduates to submit a video blog in English to welcome new and diverse voices into a discussion about timely issues related to the legal profession.

Who can enter the competition and have a chance of becoming the next Best International Future Lawyer?

We want to hear from law students aged 45 and under who are still enrolled at any university worldwide and pursuing law studies at any level at the time the video blog is submitted, but who are not fully admitted to practice and/or fully licensed in their jurisdiction, as well as from law graduates aged 45 and under who graduated after 31 August 2021. Read more about the eligibility criteria here.

Applying is easy! #BIFLA2023 offers a choice of three (3) topics to reflect on. Interested candidates are asked to choose one (1) of the contest topics and share their considerations in a video blog recording. From those who want to take on that challenge, AIJA would like to see how they elaborate on one of the following issues:

  1. Emerging trends related to Africa’s tech eco-system and the continent’s international business environment;
  2. The social and governance pillars of ESG, including insights and practical guidance on key emerging trends and opportunities for international lawyers to address the rising demand for ESG services as the global businesses and investment community shift to a green economy; or
  3. The theme of AIJA’s 61st Congress in Rio de Janeiro: "Re-thinking the law in four dimensions”, with an invitation to look ahead in time to the year 2028, while reflecting on the legal issues that are likely to dominate or impact the legal profession over the next five years, be it from an economic, financial, regulatory, humanitarian, environmental, or any other relevant perspective.

Apart from the Best International Future Lawyer title, the winner will be honoured with:

  • free AIJA membership until 2026;
  • the publication of their name and video blog on AIJA’s channels;
  • a 1000 € voucher that can be used to cover fully or partially Winner’s attendance (including registration fee, accommodation and travel costs) to any AIJA event taking place within 1 calendar year from the announcement.

The video blog must be submitted by 19 April 2023 before midnight CEST via the dedicated form.

Find all the information on the website:

*If you know someone who can be interested in becoming the next Best International Future Lawyer, let them know, as AIJA will be happy to hear from them.