AIJA welcomes the Temporarily Agreed Cease-Fire but Calls for the Permanent Stop of Any Attacks Impacting Civilians in Gaza and Throughout the Region

NOVEMBER 24, 2023

Following up on our prior statement dated 13 October (see more here), the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) calls for the permanent cease, even after the currently agreed truce between the parties in conflict ends, of any attacks impacting and causing unsurmountable amount of suffering on civilians in Gaza. AIJA extends its solidarity to the Palestinian civilians of Gaza and to all affected civilians in the region, stressing the critical need for continuous humanitarian access throughout Gaza. 

AIJA echoes the international legal community's calls for a transparent inquiry into any, and all, breaches of international law in the region and in Gaza in particular. AIJA strongly emphasises the necessity of holding those responsible for any violation accountable and expressly condemns any such action. We underscore again the immediate need for continuous humanitarian aid to civilians in the warzone who are facing dire circumstances, with basic necessities such as food, water, electricity and medical care cut off. In doing so, we also underline the need for the immediate release of any hostages still in captivity.

The suffering of innocent people throughout the region must stop. Once again, we implore all parties involved to prioritise the protection of civilians and actively pursue a just and permanent resolution to the ongoing conflict.