Private Clients

Commission in a nutshell

The Private Clients’ Commission focuses on private clients’ issues in an international context, ranging from the more “traditional” areas of law (such as family, succession, estate and real estate law, procedural law, trusts and other wealth protection structures for individual and families) to other more “business oriented” disciplines (like business law, bankruptcy law, tax law, labour law) which involve private clients-related aspects (e.g. family enterprises, child labour); and it is also expanding in other fields, such as consumer protection and torts from a private clients’ perspective.

In view of the above characteristics, we always aim to propose and participate in joint and interdisciplinary projects. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to co-operate many times with other Commissions within AIJA (e.g. Tax Law, European Law, Real Estate Law, Banking & Finance Law, etc.) as well as with important lawyers’ associations (such as the ABA-Section of International Law and the Deutscher Anwaltsverein - DAV).

Another peculiarity of our Commission, is the continuous effort to offer comparisons between different legal systems in the world, in the areas of law we analyse aiming to help the work of attorneys handling private client cases with international aspects in today’s more global world.

La Commission en un mot

La Commission Clientèle privée traite des changements dans le droit de la famille et le droit des biens dans les différents régimes existants, et cherche, en comparant les réponses de divers droits, à identifier les solutions qui respectent au mieux les intérêts de la famille et le droit des individus.