Real Estate

Commission in a nutshell

The Commission consists of a very active an enthusiastic group of real estate lawyers from various jurisdictions. The mission and the ambition of the Real Estate Commission is to provide the lawyers of AIJA a forum for understanding and discussing a broad spectrum of topics in the field of real estate law, including recent developments and new trends. Among others, the Commission focuses on legal, financial, practical and procedural issues in relation to cross border investments. Differences and similarities between the various jurisdictions in this section of law is discussed and debated. The Commission brings together both experienced real estate lawyers as well as those willing to learn more about this field of law.

The Commission holds formal meetings at least three times a year. The work of the Commission is carried out through the presentation of reports, case studies and mock negotiations both at regularly held seminars and at the Annual Congress.

In order to keep the Commission alive and active between the seminars and the Annual Congress as well, the aim is to distribute a Newsletter between the Commission members at least twice a year. The Newsletter is a highly effective tool for keeping the members of the Commission connected. It gives the Commission and its members a platform not only to exchange ideas and information, but also to pitch ideas for future events.

Finally the aim of our Commission is to keep up the cooperation with other Commissions, not only because this is of course an interesting experience to look into other jurisdictions from time to time, but also because Real Estate law is an excellent field for such collaboration. REAL ESTATE NEVER STANDS ALONE; it is almost often linked with either public law, civil law, tax law, company law etc. So collaboration not only makes sense, sometimes it is necessary for a full picture.

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