2023 General Assembly: New appointments in AIJA

SEPTEMBER 27, 2023


During its 61st Annual Congress taking place from 21 to 26 August 2023, we gathered 480+ young legal professionals from around the world to re-think the law in four dimensions.

It is with great pleasure that we officially communicate the results of the recent elections held online during the AIJA General Assembly on 25 August 2023, together with the new appointments in the different bodies of our Association approved by the Executive Committee during their meeting on the day before and appointments made by the Bureau.

Let’s welcome together the outstanding commitment and essential contribution of these newly elected and appointed Officers!


  • Eduardo De la Peña Bernal, President
  • Moritz Maurer, Immediate Past President
  • Kato Aerts, First Vice-President (newly elected by the General Assembly)
  • Tomáš Rybár, Secretary General
  • Caroline Barbe, Treasurer (newly elected by the General Assembly)
  • Dino Serafini, Deputy Secretary General (newly appointed by the Bureau)

Extended Bureau

Academic Programme Committee

  • Christian Ritschka
  • Jens Uwe Rügenhagen
  • Marine Simonnot (newly appointed)

Officers of the Commissions Committee

  • Marie Brasseur (newly appointed)
  • Damien Devot
  • Michaela Pelinka

National Representatives Committee

  • Omar Al Heloo (newly appointed)
  • Fernanda Machado Moreira
  • Jakob Nortoft (newly appointed)

Human Rights Committee

  • Clara Poglia
  • Michel Segers (newly appointed)
  • Silvia van Schaik

Diversity Officer

  • Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter (newly appointed)

Sustainability Board

  • Daria Capotorto
  • Dino Serafini
  • Lisa Urbas

Bar Relations Coordinator

  • Radina Tomanova

AIJA Women Network

  • Joanna Chew
  • Maria Jennerholm
  • Fernanda Pacheco

Newly elected Executive Committee members

(For a complete list of Executive Committee members, please click here)

  • Caroline Fort
  • Anneloes Van Uhm
  • Luisa Saint-Denis
  • Evin Durmaz
  • Clara Gordon
  • Giacomo Pailli
  • Michelle Lindholm
  • Laura Coad
  • Eva Indruchová
  • Mariia Baranovych
  • André Modesto Pinheiro
  • Arthur Stüssi Neves
  • Felix Barth
  • Bartosz Kuraś
  • Manuel Alessandro Deamici
  • Edvinas Meškys
  • Ewoud van der Leek (2-year mandate)
  • Carsten Otto (2-year mandate)
  • Marcelo Rhenius (2-year mandate)
  • Jens Stadtmüller (1-year mandate)
  • Marc Schamaun (1-year mandate)

Newly appointed AIJA Representatives Worldwide

(For a complete list of National Representatives and local contacts, please click here)

National Representatives

Austria: Raphael Valenta
Belgium: Eline Verelst
Canada: Ruzbeh Hosseini
Chile: Tomás Kubick
France: Romain Franzetti
India: Ankit Paleja
Lithuania: Ernesta Žiogienė
Malta: Stephanie Zarb Adami
Netherlands: Brian Van Egmond
Panama: Gabriela Vasquez
Portugal: Francisco Caetano
Romania: Mihaela Ciocirlea
Sweden: Christoffer Mangelus
Ukraine: Sofiya Brutsyak
United Arab Emirates: Hana Al Khatib

Regional Coordinator

MENA: Hana Al Khatib

Local Representatives

Costa Rica: Elia Naranjo
Croatia: Kristina Rudec
Curacao: Sebastiaan Barten
Kenya: Brian Obama
Paraguay: Manfred Heyn
Singapore: Sebastian Blasius
Slovenia: Sabina Markič Janežič

Regional Representatives

Germany: Karen Papenfuss
Scotland: Matt Phillip
Switzerland: Lorna Cela
United States: Christine Concepcion 

Newly appointed Commission Officers

(For a complete list of Commission Officers, please click here)

President: Karen Ruback
Vice-President: Aleksandra Dziurkowska

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets
Vice-President: Yuka Nakanishi

Commercial Fraud
President: Adam Flacks
Vice-President: Michelle Wiesner-Lameth

Corporate and M&A
President: Hugo Teixeira
President: Milena Charnitzky
Vice-President: Marco Gardino
Vice-President: Alexandra Ologu

Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications
Vice-President: Eliane Haas

International Arbitration
President: Giovanni Angles
President: Nadia Ohlhoff-Smahi
Vice-President: Jacopo Piemonte

International Business Law (+ Sports Law)
Vice-President: Gustavo Coelho

International Private Clients and Family Law
President: John Davies
Vice-President: Bérangère Diot
Vice-President: Mirjam Vögeli

Labour Law (+ Immigration Law)
President: Philipp Haymann
Vice-President: Sanne Van Ruitenbeek

President: Chiara Caliandro

Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning (SCILL)
President: Aline Von Düring
Vice-President: Katarzyna Randzio-Sajkowska
Vice-President: Zoya Gyurova

Tax Law
Vice-President: Clemens Willvonseder

Transport Law
President: Davide Canepa
President: Lucas Marques
Vice-President: Jan Hermeling
Vice-President: Camilla Søgaard Hudson