Environmental and Energy Law

Commission in a nutshell

The Commission on Environmental and Energy Law intends to provide a forum to discuss practical and scientific issues of national and international environmental law. It also addresses topics of the influence of environmental law on legal and business matters in general. The practice areas of the Commission are for example air, water and soil protection law, law on waste and waste water, transport of hazardous materials, environmental management systems, legal compliance, environmental due diligence, protection of nature and culture environment, renewable energy, health and safety law as well as law on chemicals and foodstuffs.

Founded in 1994, the Commission on Environmental Law has been serving as discussion forum and networking opportunity for environmental lawyers worldwide. The Commission also cooperates closely with other Commissions, as environmental law always has had many links with other areas of law.

The Commission actively organises seminars and other events and always welcomes new members to participate. One of the success stories has been the “Recent developments in environmental law” seminar, organised every 3 years and gathering together a significant number of young lawyers interested in and practicing environmental law. Other current projects involve dealing with energy and planning issues.

La Commission en un mot

La Commission Droit de l’Environnement et de l’énergie poursuit l’objectif de fournir un forum pour discuter les sujets pratiques et scientifiques du droit de l’environnement national et international.

Elle aborde également les sujets qui ont une influence sur le Droit de l’environnement et sur le droit et les affaires en général.