Labour Law
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Our Labour Law Commission and Immigration Law Sub-commission is comprised of a diverse group of employment, labour and immigration lawyers who practise across the world in law firms small and large, as private practitioners and as in-house counsel. Our active and growing membership has a strong track record of organising legal seminars on a wide range of topics, including international employment, labour and immigration law.

In cooperation with other AIJA Commissions and external partners, we aim to focus our seminars on practical issues impacting businesses with cross-border interests and internationally mobile workforces. Our seminars cover issues related to the hire-and-fire labour law, business reorganisations and redundancy programmes, employment and immigration in M&A transactions, workplace diversity, equality and discrimination, global mobility and illegal working. We also seek to address timely topics such as internal investigations, whistleblowing, outsourcing, social media, and global mobility challenges facing high net worth and same sex families. Each year, our commission holds an Annual Labour and Immigration Law Conference discussing the current and most relevant aspects of labour and immigration law.

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