Cross Border Commercial Lending Transactions


13 - 15 July 2006

Commercial lending transactions can present many traps for borrowers, lenders and their counsel. This is especially true of transactions involving multi-national businesses that have operations and assets in various countries. Negotiating and documenting cross-border financing transactions involves an array of legal issues, each of which is important to understand. This seminar is structured to provide valuable lessons on a wide range of topics that are fundamental to a successful cross-border commercial loan transaction. We will begin with a discussion of primary commercial lending concepts, and we will progress over the course of the seminar to more specialized issues that are germane to multi-national deals, such as structuring issues, tax issues and currency issues. Wewill conduct a couple of case studies that will provide meaningful context and practical application. Finally, we will have seasoned litigators highlight pitfalls that are important to avoid. We are proud to present a highly skilled group of bankers, inhouse counsel, tax attorneys, litigators and commercial lending attorneys as peakers. They will bring to the seminar a breadth of experience and talent that is sure to make the seminar interesting and worthwhile. All participants will be invited to join and contribute to the goal of gaining valuable knowledge and useful insights. The seminar  will be CLE credited. This course is both transitional and non-transitional. It is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced lawyers

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