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Season 1: Introduction


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Earlier this year we started recording for the association’s first podcast, SpotlightAIJA. This is a new kind of show from us – a seasonal series with 10-15-minute interviews in audio form. We put the spotlight on the experiences, insights and skills of the featured guests to inspire and inform our community on timely topics for our profession. In the first season we turn to the theme of innovation.

We ask several key experts - how can lawyers be more innovative?

We speak with legal design expert Astrid Kohlmeier about innovating law with design thinking.  

Then we have AI tech enthusiasts Yan Pecoraro from Portolano Cavallo, based both in the US and Italy, and Nils Krause from DLA Piper, based in Germany, explaining the different benefits of AI and how AI changed their business and day-to-day work.

In another episode, multi-global award-winning entrepreneur and author of The Naked Lawyer book series, Chrissie Lightfoot challenges conventional thinking by sharing her views on how to grow an effective personal brand.  

Roberto Luzi Crivellini from Legalmondo shares some great tips, focusing on new ways to reach out to clients and how lawyers can become more client focused.  

We’ll also have a bonus episode with some highlights from our 58th virtual congress.

The interviews will be available in the next weeks. Subscribe for free and listen to us on the go. If we’ve got some of these topics right, you will be coming back for more.


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SpotlightAIJA guests contribute to this podcast in their personal capacity and the opinions expressed (or experiences shared) are their own. They don’t reflect the views or opinions of AIJA or its members.