S01E05: Bonus episode! 2020 AIJA Congress recap

In an interview with AIJA Immediate Past President Paola Fudakowska, AIJA members Alessia Giaccari (Nunziante Magrone, Italy) and Eva Schwittek (RITTERSHAUS Rechtsanwälte, Germany) take us behind the scenes to share some tips for ensuring high-quality, diverse content and engaging speakers at the largest event of our association, the AIJA Annual Congress.

The 58th Annual Congress took place online in 2020 and it focused on “United in Diversity: Empowering our Future”. Alessia and Eva were very involved in the academic programme of this Congress, moderating and organising a panel discussion on “D&I in sustainable property development” on behalf of the AIJA Real Estate Commission. The session won the Academic Coordinators’ and Past Presidents’ Awards for the quality and diversity of the content.

In this episode, you will also hear about the key highlights from this award-winning session which addressed the following topics at the Congress:

  • The relevance and role of D&I in property development
  • The interconnection between real estate/infrastructure development, D&I perceptions and sustainability
  • Integration and sustainability in the production of energy and construction materials
  • D&I project financing for sustainable buildings

To learn more about this year’s congress: https://zurich.aija.org