2019 General Assembly: AIJA makes new appointments

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

During its 57th Annual Congress in Rome, Italy from 3 to 7 September 2019, AIJA, the International Association of Young Lawyers brought together 800 legal professionals from around the world to debate ideas surrounding sustainability and the legal profession in today’s digitalised and globalised world.

It is with great pleasure that we officially communicate the results of the recent elections held during the AIJA General Assembly in Rome last September 7th, together with the new appointments in the different bodies of our Association approved by the Executive Committee during their meeting on the same day. We are also pleased to announce the creation of a new commission: Healthcare and Life Sciences.


Let’s welcome together the outstanding commitment and essential contribution of these newly elected Officers!



• Paola Fudakowska, President

• Xavier Costa, Immediate Past President

• François Barré, First Vice-President (elected by the General Assembly)

• Anna Wyrzykowska, Treasurer (elected by the General Assembly)

• Emiliano Ganzarolli, Secretary General

• Jean-Philippe Arroyo, Deputy Secretary General (appointed by the Bureau)


Extended Bureau

Academic Programme Committee

• Anouk Rosielle (newly appointed)

• Babak Tabeshian (newly appointed)

• Kristine Zvejniece


Officers of the Commissions Committee

• Aurélie Conrad-Hari (newly appointed)

• Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter

• Rebecka Thörn


National Representatives Committee

• Michaela Pelinka

• Tomas Rybar

• Arthur Stüssi Neves (newly appointed)


Human Rights Committee

• Gülsüm Aslan

• Martijn Burgers (newly appointed)

• Pia Padfield (newly appointed)

• Ülkü Solak


Sponsorship Committee

• Eduardo de la Peña Bernal (newly appointed)

• Rainer Kaspar (newly appointed)

• Gianluca Massimei (newly appointed)

• Yan Pecoraro (newly appointed)


Diversity Officer

• Matthew Cullen (newly appointed)


Newly elected Executive Committee members

(For a complete list of Executive Committee members, please click here)


• Alexander Bork

• Milena Charnitzky

• Helen Figurelli

• Philipp Haymann

• Kazuma Higuchi

• Zlatina Iliev

• Elena Kadelburger

• Laura Manz

• Jeroen Mues

• Sophie Püschel-Arnold

• Lars Raedschelders

• Jens Uwe Rügenhagen

• Dino Serafini

• Andres Sotomayor

• Thomas Thiébaut

• Louise Wong


In addition, five members will take office and replace those who had to leave the Executive Committee due to other appointments in the Association or resignation.


• Ruben Masar, with a mandate for two years until the General Assembly in 2021

• Alessandro Paci, with a mandate for two years until the General Assembly in 2021

• Alessia Giaccari, with a mandate for two years until the General Assembly in 2021

• Giuseppe Salsarulo, with a mandate for one year until the General Assembly in 2020

• Kajal Patel, with a mandate for one year until the General Assembly in 2020

Tom Arntz has been invited to the Executive Committee for a period of one year.


Newly appointed National Representatives and contact persons

(For a complete list of National Representatives and local contacts, please click here)


China: Steven Zhou

Colombia: Jose Azpurua Alfonzo

Estonia: Kadri Kallas

Germany: Rebekka Stumpfrock

Italy: Francesca Salerno

Japan: Takuo Misaki

Netherlands: Paul Van Lange

Norway: Lilly Kathrin Relling (reappointed)

Poland: Agata Adamczyk

Russian Federation: Alexander Katzendorn

Slovenia: Jera Majzelj

Spain: Alejandro Yufera

United States: Perry Maclennan


Regional Representative Berlin: Donata Störmer

Regional Representative Hamburg: Johannes Struck

Regional Representative München: Carolin van Straelen

Southwest Germany: Rebekka Stumpfrock


Contact person, Cyprus: George Manikas

Contact person, Dutch Caribbean: Roderik van Hees

Contact person, Kenya: Evelyne Nzuki

Contact person, Philippines: Kristin Charisse Siao

Contact person, Serbia: Natalija Popovic

Contact person, Ukraine: Oleksii Prudkyi


Newly appointed Commission Officers

(For a complete list of Commission Officers, please click here)


Commercial Fraud

Commercial Fraud President: James Le Gallais

Commercial Fraud Vice-President: Charlotte Tregunna


Environment and Energy Law

Environmental and Energy Law President: Daria Capotorto

Environmental and Energy Law Vice-President: Carlos Del Razo


In-house Counsel

In-house Counsel President: Anda Mize

In-house Counsel Vice-President: Narjess Naouar

In-house Counsel Vice-President: Jérôme Debras



Insolvency President: Marine Simonnot

Insolvency Vice-President: Elaina Bailes

Insolvency Vice-President: Paulo Nasser


Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Vice-President: Chloe Taylor

Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Vice-President: Cristina Hernandez-Marti Perez


International Arbitration

International Arbitration President: Eduardo de la Peña Bernal

International Arbitration Vice-President: Silvia Pavlica Dahlberg

International Arbitration Vice-President: Lukas Rusch



Litigation President: Arnoldo Lacayo

Litigation Vice-President: Rosie Wild

Litigation Vice-President: Chiara Caliandro


Real Estate

Real Estate President: Bernd Hauck

Real Estate Vice-President: Johannes Meyer–Myklestad

Real Estate Vice-President: Christoph Nöehles


Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning

Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning President: Friederike Henke

Skills, Career, Innovation, Leadership and Learning Vice-President: Max Maillet



T.R.A.D.E President: Benedikt Rohrssen

T.R.A.D.E Vice President: Jelle Bloom



Tax Law Vice-President: Gertjan Verachtert


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences President: Tomás García Navarro

Healthcare and Life Sciences Vice-President: Tímea Halkó

Healthcare and Life Sciences Vice-President: Jan Henning Martens