Healthcare and Life Sciences

Who we are

Our commission was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to all healthcare and life science matters. This includes regulatory and compliance topics in the MedTech and pharma industry as well as reimbursement, labelling or advertising aspects.

In close collaboration with other commissions, such as T.R.A.D.E., IP/TMT and Antitrust, we further discuss any other topics such as distribution, licensing and market power that are relevant in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

As the healthcare sector is usually regulated heavily at local level, it is even more important to have an exchange with lawyers all over the world. We are glad to also have in-house counsels in our commission, who can provide great insights into their operations and contribute to the valuable exchange between international external and in-house lawyers.

Not only the members of our commission, but all other (current and future) AIJA members are encouraged to reach out to us with interesting topics, ideas for an event or joint working papers.

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Commission Officers

Niederer Kraft Frey AG
Bahnhofstrasse 53
8001 Zurich
Jan Henning MARTENS
FGvW Friedrich Graf von Westphalen & Partner
Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 284
79098 Freiburg

Events for this Commission

Paris Event 716 In-person Event
29 November - 02 December 2023
Half-Year November Conference
AntitrustBanking, Finance and Capital MarketsCorporate and M&A+12
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Belgrade Event 734 In-person Event
18-20 April 2024
Bring Business to Life: M&A and Commercial Transactions in the…
Corporate and M&AHealthcare and Life SciencesT.R.A.D.E. (Trade, Retail, Agency, Distribution, E…
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Mexico City Event 729 In-person Event
29 May - 01 June 2024
Half-Year May Conference
AntitrustBanking, Finance and Capital MarketsCommercial Fraud+11
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Madrid Event 732 In-person Event
03-07 September 2024
62nd International Young Lawyers' Congress
AntitrustBanking, Finance and Capital MarketsCommercial Fraud+18
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