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Imagine you want to go shopping but no goods are in the store or you would like to go on vacation but no planes are available. It could become even worse if you cannot watch your favourite show on TV because your new flat screen has not arrived from the production plant in Asia yet.

A world without transport is simply unimaginable. Day after day, parcels are forwarded, people board aircrafts, goods are transported by vessels, trucks and aircrafts and warehousing is needed. All these (logistic) actions are essential to trade – regardless of the nature of the goods in question.

That is why we are dealing with all legal aspects of the transport of persons and goods, including the operational needs of the transport industry. This very wide and truly international scope of interests includes transport related incidents and accidents, warehousing and logistic chains, pollution at sea, the insurance of the inherent risks as well as financing the various transport vehicles next to setting up the necessary company owing them and even labour related matters. The Transport Law Commission also discusses the transactions and contracts behind the respective transport and problems related to recovery and securing claims of various nature.

One can truly say that the Transport Law Commission is a boutique combining international litigation and arbitration with distribution and banking and finance issues. We address the problems of the industry during our 3 commission meetings per year held at the May and November conferences and the annual congress in August and organize a two day seminar annually. As the issue of “forum shopping” or interpretation of international conventions in different jurisdictions is of great interest in these multinational matters, contacts to all corners of the world obtained via the Transport Law Commission are significant.

We welcome new members interested in the different aspects of trade and transport law as well as having fun with colleagues sharing our area of law. Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events soon.


La Commission en un mot

Chaque jour des colis sont transportés, des gens prennent l’avion et des biens sont embarqués à bord de navires. Dans tous ces cas, le commerce et le transport sont concernés.

La Commission Droit des Transports traite des aspects légaux du transport des personnes et des biens en ce compris les incidents et accidents qui y sont liés et l’assurance des risques qui y sont inhérents. Elle traite également des transactions que soulèvent ces différents types de transport. Ces questions et problèmes qui sont souvent complexes et transnationaux sont traités par la Commission Droit des Transports.

La Commission souhaite la bienvenue aux nouveaux membres intéressés par les différents aspects du droit du commerce et des transports.

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Athens Event 717 In-person Event
14-16 September 2023
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